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Markus Hellfeuer , Germany
four seasons

Wallpaper Other by vxside 7 comments

yeah! nice idea indeed + well chosen colours. I like it, but IMHO it would look cleaner and a little better without the 2 grey lines. - Sep 22 2008 Desktop Icon

Icon Sub-Sets by Rapha222 5 comments

You have to copy the PNGs over the default gnome ones, for example copy soffice_calc.png to

(Path for standard icons in ubuntu hardy, gnome as desktop. Other distros/desktops may have a different path. I don't know.)

@Rapha222: nice work!


- May 24 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by ertz 69 comments

I love these icons, still my no.1! Hope there are comin updates for this excellent set, becaue firefox3 don't use your folder icons (tested with ubuntu hardy). - Mar 15 2008

Full Icon Themes by calvicie 28 comments

Your icons look really nice, but I can't find any link on the esnips page... - Mar 15 2008
Ubuntu Wood

GDM Themes by ImMrDrake 3 comments

I use it on my notebook, no problems so far. Voted guud! - Feb 23 2008
Aurora black

GDM Themes by Kurumin 15 comments

nice colors & great work!

a minimal point to critisize: The "type your username" (in german: Bitte geben Sie Ihren Benutzernamen ein) don't fit in one line, why it looks not perfect here. - Dec 01 2007
Energy Star

Wallpaper Other by naurus 4 comments

congrats! Nice pics for cubecaps imho.

hellibombelli - Sep 06 2007
Unix Power

Wallpaper Other by maukapa 6 comments

I'll second that. A version without logo would be nice. - Jul 22 2007