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Helmut  , Germany
Popup Launcher

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Oct 06 2019
Sorry, not system tray, but control panel - Sep 03 2019
I have the same issue. The desktop files are all opened in kate text editor.

I installed popup laucher manually, because trying to install with KDE (system tray->add application->load new widget) resulted in a "file not found" error. Maybe this is relevant?

I have a German Desktop, translated the above menu/message, the English may be somewhat different, but I hope you understand ... - Sep 03 2019
German Radio Streams Service

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Oct 12 2018
Thank you, I also have to apologize for my late reaction.

The general ERF logo (icon) is on the home page
, the url is
, but it has the wrong size, either find a 32x32 version somewhere on the pages ;) , contact ERF at
or resize this icon by yourself.

On the pages of the streams ...
... I can see one-colored logos of the streams, but In could not find an url to one of them, I don't understand the trick which they are shown with.

I hope this helps you somehow, but if you don't put an icon to the streams on your list, this is ok for me. - Oct 12 2018
I did not download this script, because I could not find the station of the erf media company:

ERF Plus:
ERF pop

There has been a swiss channel as third erf radio station, but it seems to be offline now (well, I'm not interested in that, so don't trust on me in that matter)

PS: Do you speak German? - Sep 25 2018