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Hombre Maledicto , Italy
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QtCurve 6 comments

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Aug 20 2015
The only software i used is inkscape, but considering the original SVG is from Dynamo, it's easy to see why it presents the very same issue with svg-cleaner and why i'm delaying to upload a lighter version :(

Yep, MDI buttons and same spared elements to go. Then i can consider to start working on the light version!

- Aug 20 2015
Active Window Control

Plasma 5 Applets 126 comments

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Jun 08 2017
This plasmoid looks promising. If you appreciate suggestions:

- Make an optional 'menu' mode, so instead of having iconized buttons within the panel, they can be visualized from a dropdown menu activated by clicking on the title/icon (eventually support the entries from the menu button ?)

- Possibly, set a max cap for the window title (in certain apps - firefox for example - the title string can take a lot of space)

- More space between the icon and text - just for fashion (this is me being an annoying jerk :P)

Keep up the good work!

- Aug 11 2015
Vertex BE::Shell

Be-Shell/Bespin 5 comments

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Nov 24 2014
Kwin, if you're curious about the client side decorations: they're implemented within the Qt style i'm using. It's from the same friend(as the file manager) and i promise to not talk about both of the projects till their public release. Sorry. - Dec 26 2014
File manager: it's a secret project, will be released one day. But can't tell any detail of it

Image viewer: gwenview - Dec 26 2014
Dynamo Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 2 comments

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Aug 28 2014
Thanks for reporting this. Just uploaded a new version including an icon for applications-games (stolen from the Nitrux theme and recolored :P) - Aug 28 2014

QtCurve 16 comments

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Aug 20 2015 - Aug 28 2014
A firefox and a GTK theme are both planned.
Meanwhile, i recommend you the FXOpera FF theme: - Aug 11 2014
You did right. My apologies for making you wait that long, Thomas. I kept forgetting about it, during these months... :(

I'll find a way to be forgiven ;) - Aug 10 2014
The font is "Trebuchet MS", i also use the infinality patch for better rendering. - Aug 08 2014
Glad you like it :) - Aug 08 2014
Thanks for both the support and the original aurorae theme :D - Aug 07 2014
Dynamo Plasma

Plasma Themes 14 comments

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Aug 07 2014
Glad you like it :)
As soon as i'll fix some issues i'll upload the dark version too - Aug 28 2014
Just released it ;) - Aug 28 2014
Ok, started to work on it:

It is at a very beginning stage, it will takes some time to be released. - Aug 16 2014
I can, but not in this period, unfortunately i'm very busy in august. As for the moment i'll just maintain & update the light version.
Hopefully i'll have more free time starting from the late september for a dark theme and other artworks. - Aug 10 2014
Thanks ! - Aug 08 2014
Not for the moment (currently too much busy studying for the september exams at university) but i do not exclude that i'll change my mind once i'll have some free time.
- Aug 07 2014
My pleasure :)
I hope i can finish this theme soon.

P.s. But what i do hope is to fulfill the tasks in my TODO as soon as possible :P
- Aug 07 2014

Application Styles 115 comments

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Jul 08 2017
The interior - slider-normal - is not rounded in fact, while frames (slider-normal-topleft, topright, bottomleft, bottomright) are rounded.
Most probably i have this issue since the frame components are groups, consisting in two objects: one visible(which is the rounded part) and one invisible (i used the same svg from my plasma theme). Or maybe is just something that i can fix from the config file. I'll do some test and see.

Now i really can't wait for the new version :D

By the way, if you're ok i'll continue to post feature requests in the future, beyond possible bug reports ;) - Aug 06 2014
Sorry for the double comment, but i forgot to ask: is it possible to set the size for radio buttons and checkboxes?
I've tried from the theme config file, but no lucky so far. - Aug 05 2014
Nice style. Just released a beta of my first Kvantum theme:


By the way, i'm not sure whether this is an issue or not(i'm still learning how to use inkscape, might be it's just my fault), but if i set a rounded background, it is not preserved on the widget when the orientation (left/vertical)changes, example:


I was about to mention the same issue found by sixsixfive, but i see that you're already working on it.
Can't wait for the new version with colors control :)

P.s. Why not using github/sourceforge to host the source? - Aug 05 2014
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9   Aug 03 2015

Application Styles
by tsujan

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9   Aug 08 2014