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Edward Haven Grass Valley, United States of America
netConfWiz Mockup

Network by vivekR 7 comments

One thing gnome does right is proved tools for configurations and easy of use. Im glade to see someone trying to do the same for KDE. I hope more stuff like this can be intergraded in to the control center! - May 19 2006

deKorator Themes by mattepiu 2 comments

I'm sorry, i jumped the gun. I thought it was a Window Decor; not a DeKorator Theme. But, don't get me wrong, i still really like it. - Mar 11 2006

deKorator Themes by mattepiu 2 comments

Thank you for making this!!! I thought it was dead and forgotten. I also like the look of the buttons. - Mar 11 2006

KDE 3.5 Themes by horseshoe 12 comments

I know the style can not be done. I am just looking form someone to make the window decor. The style was just a lead in to get people to look.
This would be easy to make in deKorator, true, but deKorator does not work on my system, and from what i understand this is a common problem for debian users. Until dekorator reaches maturity it should not be the primary source for window decor. secondly, the advantage in making a real style it can function and change on its own timeline, not on that of deKorator.
Why make a window decor like this?
The vast majority of KDE window decor has soft corners becuase it is more natural and organic, but this is a computer! I first fond the round corners cool, but now pretentious. I think they are only a passing novilty. But it makes no difference to me. I just see a lot of rounded corners, and thought it would be good to get something sharp that didn't look like it was made in the 90's.
So lets straighten the lines out. My design focus as always been more architecture, enjoy long straight lines. I was looking for something clean and simple. To me the sharp corners help the window command it space, with round corners the window just drags on. - Feb 28 2006