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Reynaldo Hortensi

Board by slima4 12 comments

Download, install, open qtcreator, open project and press ctrl+r (build and run). - Jun 30 2014
Azenis Clock

Cairo Clock by jameshardy88 20 comments

Dear jameshardy88,
I still anxiously waiting for the new clock. Please try it! - Oct 01 2010
Azenis Clock

Cairo Clock by jameshardy88 20 comments

Hi! Thanks for your work! Good job!

I like this clock theme , but I think it seems ugly in avant-window-manager (I don't mean you theme is ugly, just in my awn, in my notebook LCD... ok?! :D) and I have found an icon in the Azenis icon set which will look very pretty in my awn... its ~/.icons/Azenis Icons/scalable/status/stock-alarm.png.
How do I disasemble it to build a clock theme? Please?
... or can you do it for us?
PS: Sorry bad english. - Jul 20 2009
Pidgin Penguins Smileys

Various Gnome Stuff by largo3 8 comments

Can you fix the download link please?
- Mar 04 2009