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Marcus Harrison
Why I use Linux and not vista:
1. No £200 pounds from my pocket for an operating system that doesn't even do everything I want out of the box;
2. no extra £700 from my pocket buying a computer that it works with (removing the point in having installation CDs);
3. This is MY computer, not Microsoft's. I run it MY way, not there's, and I'm free to do what I need to do without going to the shop and forking out money for E.G. Photoshop or Dreamweaver.

I think, "Why make linux look like vista when you can install vista" is the most stupid question anyone's ever asked. - May 20 2008
Vally8 Plasma Theme

Kopete Styles by vally8 9 comments

Actually, that didn't work with me: instead, I made a config file in my home directory for KDE 4's Kopete to use, then did this (cd to the directory with the folder inside):

mkdir ~/.kde4/share/apps/kopete/styles/ && cp -rf ./Vally8\ Palsma\ Theme ~/.kde4/share/apps/kopete/styles/

I think that should work. - May 17 2008