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Jesús Guerrero Lucena, Spain

Aurorae Themes by megabigbug 12 comments

Sure, I guess I should file it against the aurorae engine, right? I will investigate a bit more first. I don't remember seeing this with other window decorations based on aurorae, which I why I assumed this was specific to this decoration. But, since this is all about theming, I guess the culprit is the theme engine. - Jun 10 2011

Aurorae Themes by megabigbug 12 comments

I can see a small glitch in the vlc window, it happens always and I can't reproduce this with the standard oxygen kwin engine. Both the oxygen air and color oxygen air aurora themes do have this problem. It always appears on the top left corner and it is better seen over dark backgrounds (i.e. a terminal windows with dark bg). A photo: - Jun 09 2011
Thanks Craig. That solved it. My problem, indeed, was that there's no kde session running at all, since I am using xmonad at the moment.

I now know how to make this work.

Thank you. - Sep 11 2008
News on this.

It seems to respect them only partially, I don't have a clue why.


That illustrates how sylpheed uses the kde3 orange color for the menu bar, while the selection in kde4 is blue (and that's the color which the menu bar should also use). - Sep 10 2008
Sorry if this has been already asked. However I can't seem to find an answer though I have searched this thread and googled a bit.

I don0t either kde3 or 4 nowadays, but I've always used lots of kde3 programs.

Yesterday I uninstalled most of them, though kdelibs-3.5.9, kaffeine and k3b still remains on my system, since I found no substitute and they have not been ported yet.

Qtcurve seems to have preserved my settings from kde3, the problem is that in kde4 I have a different color scheme. I know that I could probably backport the color scheme to kde3, though I'd certainly prefer a less painful way to make qtcurve read the kde4 color scheme, instead of the kde3 one.

Is there a way? Is there something I am missing in the qtconfig config dialogs?

Thanks in advance for any help, and for this wonderful theme that I have been using now for years (and I plan to continue doing so).

Cheers. - Sep 10 2008