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Video Players by eean 278 comments


Am keen to give this a try, was wondering if you were looking at trying out other engines like GStreamer or NMM for Video and Audio support. Secondly i see a poll on the amaroK website about amaroK video support, for now it seems most users want this feature, what will happen to Codeine then? Could you put you efforts in adding these features to amaroK maybe? There is need for a playlist manager since people have huge collections of DivX and Theora movies on their harddrives these days.

thank you for Codeine and amaroK!

- Oct 29 2004

Developers Apps by gambas 25 comments


I must say i'm really impressed with what you've guys have done with Gambas! Its steadily maturing and with enough publicity could easily become the next RAD development enviroment for standard for UNIX/Linux. I'm just wondering if it maybe possible in the near future sometime to write reusable components in Gambas and easily reuse and destibute them. I believe this would be the Killer feature, cause what make VB great (if at all) is the extensibility, where developers can download controls to extend the feature set available in the IDE.

Any method that you impement to do this would be great, even if it means the components are written in C++ (for Qt/KDE) so long they can be dynamicly loaded without needing a recompile of Gambas.

BTW: Thanx for this great app! Way more stable than HBasic last i checked! And that makes a big diff. it means Gambas is usable NOW! - Aug 25 2004

IDEs by milianw 80 comments

I'm really exited about this feature. Was wondering if someone could write a small tutorial of how to develop using the embedded KDevDesigner, how it handles subclassing, slots, etc. Also what does the roadmap look like interms of RAD? I still believe that RAD is key to getting KDE and KDevelop into mainstream. If you guys could do it aswell as Borland have done with Kylix/Delphi (gee, mabye with Borland help! consider opening Kylix since you've abandoned it )

I've seen what Gambas and HBasic have done, and its pretty impresive! Just wishing for something like that for C++ development.

Lastly, how is the Qt Designer 4 looking, is that going to be merged into KDevelop or the KFormDesigner from Kexi?

BTW: Thanx for the best IDE on UNIX and Windows! (Cygwin) You guys ROCK! - Aug 24 2004