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iceni iceni
hi, i just wanted to say this is what i did -

1, extracted the CursorXP theme to an empty directory i made.

2, ran this command - --name Ecliz_Cursors --install

3, put the theme it made in my cursor directory, here -

i've converted lots of CursorXP themes in the past and this is the only theme that never works, no matter which method i use!
- Jan 24 2008
hi, thanks for the script :)

i've been trying to convert one CursorXP theme for about a year now and i've never managed to get it working perfectly; i've had it completely not convert at all, convert most of the cursor animations apart from one or 2 bits, and, right now, with this latest update of your script, the theme is converted and everything works, but the parts of the screen wherever the cursor is, is totally corrupt! i've never seen that before!

this is the theme i want to use -

is there any chance someone can convert it? thanks. - Jan 24 2008