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David Hsu

GTK3 Themes by ceramicm 121 comments

Thanks for checking on Exaile.
With 3.2.2 both problem 2&3 are gone, great!

Btw just double-checked; though the difference's subtle but yup, those images have changed. - Nov 18 2011

GTK3 Themes by ceramicm 121 comments

Okay, but a few issues I'm seeing here on Archlinux. Tried with stable murrine engine and now git version.

1. Sidebar in Exaile player is not styled.
2. Weird border in menu_item, had to remove border_shades from gtkrc to make it borderless.
3. Menu separators gone invisible.
4. Scrollbars kind of too rounded.
5. Scrollbars clicked on won't change border color to blue. - Nov 10 2011