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Pothárn Imre , Hungary

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Sep 29 2017
Thank you. - Sep 07 2016
Version 2.0 introduced a change that I don't like. Now, with 2.0.1 the albums of a given artist are listed according to the year the album was released. I would like to change it to alphabetical order, but I cannot find the way to do it.
Can albums be sorted only by the year? If so, could you please make it possible to sort the albums alphabetically.
I'm using Cantata version 2.0.1, OpenSuse Leap 42.1 - Aug 08 2016
Hi, I don't know how ReplayGain is supposed to work, but it doesn't work with my collection.
I have FLAC files, and they have ReplayGain tags created by metaflac.
At the preferences - Playback - ReplayGain is set to Album, yet I can hear great differences between files of different albums in playback volume, where the AlbumGain (and/or TrackGain) value (i.e. the loudness of the files) differ.
This is for openSuse 13.1, Cantata 1.4.0.
ReplayGain didn't work for earlier versions of Cantata on openSuse, either.
Should I create the ReplayGain values by Cantata instead of metaflac? Or should Cantata read the ReplayGain tags of files directly? - Aug 25 2014
I have mixed feelings.
1. It's great that Artist is shown when it's other than the Album Artist. But for me - using mostly Classical music - it would be better to have "Artist - Title" order.
Could this be made configurable? "Title - Artist" as default, but "Artist - Title" for those who choose this option?

2. Showing all tags is working. It could be even better if you could open the file in an external tag-editor (which you can define at Preferences), so one could even change them.

3. Information. This does not work for me. Which tag - or what kind of information - is this supposed to show?

4. What I don't like:
The title of Cantata shows too much information, Title by Artist on Album. For me "Artist - Title" would be sufficient. Moreover, Cantata translates "by" and "on" on my system language when playing mp3 files, but they remain "by" and "on" when playing Flac, or m4a (AAC) files. - Jun 15 2014
May I ask you why you've changed this?
It may be that the new arrangement is better for Pop music, but for Classical music artist - title arrangement is better (when the Artist is not the performer but the composer.) - Jun 10 2014
Since I have mostly Classical music, I store the actual performers (the vocal soloists, choir orchestra in a Bach cantata, all the singers in a cappella music e.g. Josquin mass) in the comment tag.
Cantata does not display the Comment tag anywhere.

If you'd prefer to display somewhere the Performer tag that would also be allright. - Jun 10 2014
Well, you mean, showing them as artist - title, as currently, don't you? - Jun 10 2014
What I meant was the leftmost column which gets Artist Information from the Internet. I meant if Cantata could optionally display information stored e.g. in the Comment tag instead of this Artist information, just as in the rightmost panel Cantata can display either information (Lyrics) stored in the tags, or information (Lyrics) from the Internet. - Jun 10 2014
Hi Craig,

Would it be possible to show in the song information panel the information embedded in the song in the comment tag? I mean the way Cantata now handles lyrics. When lyrics tag is set, it is shown, when lyrics tag is not set, Cantata tries to get it from the Internet.
So I would like Comment from the comment tag, and when there is no comment tag, Cantata could get info from the Internet.
It may be that many people do not want Cantata to work this way, then could one at least set the priority? So I would opt for Comment (or Information or whatever) tag first, whereas others could opt for information from the Internet. - Jun 07 2014
Then one more thing.

So, since the next version will sort on the basis of Album Artist, would it be possible to show the Artist of the tracks where the album has more than one Artist? I mean the way Cantata works now for albums under Various Artists?
Or at least show the Artist of those tracks where the Artist and the Album Artist is not the same? - Jun 07 2014
I'd like to ask some refinement of sorting the albums, when possible.
For albums with more than one artists, Cantata offers two possibilities.

1. If "Group multiple artist albums under 'Various Artists' is checked, then each such album is put under Various Artists.
2. If "Group multiple artist albums under 'Various Artists' is unchecked, then
2a. When there is an Album Artist, the album is put under the Album Artist
2b. When there is no Album Artist, the tracks are put under the different artists.

What I would like:

3a = 2a.
3b. When there is no Album Artist, I would like to put the Album under 'Various Artists'.

Or put differently, I want possibility 1, the Album with multiple artists put under 'Various Artists' only when no Album Artist is given. - Jun 05 2014
Oh, yes, you are right. The problem was that my collection was not complete. I had to do a database refresh and Cantata shows the embedded lyrics. Thank you very much. - Mar 06 2014
You said that Cantata can read lyrics from ID3 tags, I have a few files that have lyrics in USLT tags (ID3 2.3.0), but Cantata does not show them (, openSUSE), It only tries to retrieve the lyrics from various on-line sources.
It would also be great if you could implement displaying Lyrics stored in other files such as Flac files. - Mar 02 2014
KDE 5 Service Menu PDF

Dolphin Service Menus 97 comments

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Apr 22 2018
Thanks for this very useful service menu.
Is it possible to extract non contiguous pages with PDFtk submenu? Because I could only extract a range, eg. 7-11, but could not page 7, and 9-11. Is this a shortcoming of your service menu, or simply I did not know the right syntax to give the range? - Feb 21 2014

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Dec 18 2016
Thanks a lot. - May 26 2013
ShowImage is a nice, fast image viewer. My only problem concerns the sorting of the image files.
E.g. If I have in a folder image1, image2, Image3, image10, image11, ShowImage orders them as Image3 (because it starts with an upper case letter), then image1, image10, image11, image2.

Dolphin (and Gwenview) orders them as image1, image2, Image3, image10, image11.

Could you make ShowImage to work like this (disregarding upper case - lower case distinction, and considering the number according to their value rather than their first number). or at least make an option to allow ShowImage to treat filenames as Dolphin and Gwenview do while those who prefer it the way as it works now could carry on with it as it is? - May 23 2013

Audio Extractors/Converters 606 comments

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Oct 01 2017
I tried again, the folder contains 21 tracks. I highlighted them, right click, open with: soundKonverter, I choose the codec, and in the main window of soundKonverter I find only 11 tracks, and only these 11 tracks are converted. I tried with Dolphin in icon view, compact view or detailed view, each time only 11 files get selected, though each time a different selection.

I made screenshots (this time out of 6 files 4 got enqueued) perhaps it helps. - Jun 02 2012
If I select in Dolphin several files, right click -> open with soundKonverter, not all files are enqued in soundKonverter, but only about the half (2 out of 3, 2 or 3 out of 4, 4 out of 8, 15 out of 28 etc.)

openSuse 12.1, KDE 4.8.3, soundKonverter 1.6.0 (but I had had the same problem with earlier versions of KDE and soundKonverter, too.) - May 31 2012
Could you add the possibility to create one file out of several? E.g. when converting 4 flac files into mp3 creating one unified mp3 rather than 4 separate ones? - Apr 06 2012
SoundKonverter is a very nice program, and it gets better. Would it be possible to transfer the lyrics tag during conversion?

Another question. When converting to Vorbis files, the comment tag is written as DESCRIPTION. Could you make the option to choose between DESCRIPTION and COMMENT (just as Kid3 tagging program does)? - Apr 06 2012
Very nice program. It can convert from and to practically any format of which Linux version exist.
What remains is converting also tags. It converts standard tags, but I would like it to convert non standard tags as well. E.g. I use often the LYRICS tag to store the lyrics of the music. It would be great if soundKonverter could keep LYRICS tags during conversion, even better if it could convert LYRICS tags of FLAC files into USLT tags in mp3. (As far as I know not a single software does it). SoundKonverter would be No. 1 - Jun 05 2011
I wish the Linux version of the Nero AAC codec could also be used. It is supposed to yield higher quality than faac. - May 12 2010

Audioplayers 14 comments

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Nov 09 2014
I tried your app, but it could not do gapless playback. Do you plan to implement it? - Apr 04 2012
Lyrics ID3

Amarok 1.x Scripts 60 comments

by stifi
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May 28 2012
There was a discussion at what should be the tag for lyrics for Flac files, and people came up with the most obvious answer: "LYRICS". So if you could just implement it, it would be great.
Thanks - Oct 08 2007
This is a very useful script. I have, however, a large number of Flac files on my computer with lyrics tags. Could you also add FLAC support to your script now after Vorbis and M4A?
Thanks. - Sep 23 2007

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Jan 23 2020
If I create id3v2 tags for mp3 files using XMMS, these tags do not appear in kid3, so I cannot edit them. I can, however, edit them using Konqueror, Amarok etc.
SUSE 10.1 KDE 3.5.4, Kid3 0.7 - Sep 18 2006

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Jul 09 2011
I see that you added (quickly :) ) CDDB support for Koverartist. I think it would make your program even better if it could use not only freedb, but KDE's own local cddb, just as KsCD, K3b, Kaffeine, Kover and perhaps some other programs do as well.
This is especially useful for guys like me, who are not native English speakers and have classical CDs, and prefer "Klavierkonzert A-Dur KV 488" (or A-dúr zongoraverseny K. 488) to "Piano Concerto No. 23 in A major" - May 02 2006