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Webcam & Monitoring by apol 101 comments

there's some way to install kamoso without installing vlc?. - Mar 07 2010

Plasma Themes by painkiller101 262 comments

can you make the borders more tiny please. - Sep 30 2008
Real Transparency for Katapult

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by dilettante 21 comments

yeah, i really wanna try with katapult+kde3. - Nov 19 2007

System Software by dsvilko 44 comments

add an option to change the timeline to a "like calendar" view, only that, good idea. - Nov 02 2007

KDM3 Themes by acpmasquerade 7 comments

dont like the mirror efect. - Sep 04 2007

Utilities by dmiceman 26 comments

hi, thankz for kfuseiso, is really usefull, some idea:

if you have time, could you do something like kfuseiso, but for use with encfs, with the same ideas:

- a system:/encrypted:/ for easy acces, like isomedia:/
- a folder like $home/media, maybe $home/encrypted, where the folders are mounted
- an option to allow automount for future login, to avoid re-ingress password/folder/etc

i try to made it myself, but i dont know enought programing :sad: - Nov 08 2006

Plasma 4 Extensions
by iduhasti

Sep 15 2009