System Software by epoch 14 comments

Dont you think it6 would be nice to have this as a standart feature of konsole ????

please ... write it as a patch/addon to console and commit it to kde-unstable!! - Aug 23 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by informix 61 comments

www.pcsx.net Playstation1
www.pcsx2.net Playstation2 - Aug 22 2004

System Software by SegFault 40 comments

This is exactly the wrong thought!

It is one of SuSE-Linux main features to combind many of these tools into yast2 and integrate Yast2 into KControl, like Mandrake too ...


But many things like this should be included into a kcmsyscontrol-like-package

for all servers, squid, webmin, ftp , apache, iptables, nfs-server, sshd, samba, ........ and especially for things like Lineak, Freevo and QJoypad3 !!

All these Kcontrol-Modules are MISSING!

So .... now You know what you could do next ..

Me is currently working on a gnokii KControl-Module to setup Nokia-Phones for use this kaddressbooksync and all irda-alls (why in hell isn´t sth. like kbeam included in kde :(( ??? WHY ???)

All these are features, nobody mentions and respects, but everybody wants"!!

I´m waiting for feedback to this and

Thank You for Your work !! - Another step to change a desktop-world !!! - Aug 20 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by ipv4 223 comments

Maybe it would be nice if we could make and extra option to kpersonalisizer, that you could selet your Panel-layout:

1.) kicker
2.) slicker
2.) kooldock (some functions to replace kicker are missing

Maybe this way :

1.) If you select macos-x,

kooldock should be standart

2.) if you select win32,

kicker should be the best fitting part

3.) If you select KDE,

all parts sould be standart, which the kde-community requests.

4.) In Unix-Mode,

there sould be a minimal kicker for slow and scientific systems. - Aug 16 2004

Network by Dgege 17 comments

Cause it´s standart on advance desktop-systems today, please include it as a standart component!

PS: If a standart is weaken - create your own! - Aug 14 2004

Email by nascent 181 comments

web.de has a pop3-check-limit of 15 minuts. Reading data out of the web-iterface is the one and only way to 1.) check it more often and
2.) include more freemail-functions - Aug 05 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by informix 61 comments

dosbox and wine support is in the new version!

Binary-package is ready for upload...

stay tuned! - Aug 04 2004

Email by nascent 181 comments

Is it possible to add support for web.de/www.freemail.de ??? - Aug 04 2004
Konqueror Burning Sidebar

Utilities by phlegmatic 60 comments

Another long awaited io-slave!!!!

Many thanks!

I think it would be very cool to have commands to build cdda/vcd/svcd/dvd file/menusystems supporting Drag&Drop with title support and automated splitting, if cd is to small! - Jul 28 2004

System Software by wdlc 2 comments

Great tools
in combinationn with kcmpureftpd and kcmgrunlevel, this is the first episode of getting away from mayor Configuration-tools like Yast and switch fully to KDE.

We should build more such kcm-modules to Configure all Devices/System Stuff like in Yast. And build a public, common Yast for every Distribution!!

We need to do this step to get gui-only admins/users to linux! And all these different tools are confusing!

We just need kcontrol and something like "ccontrol" to configure everything. Without something like this, Linux has no chance!
SuSE shows that the "User" requests sth. like this!.

so ....

many thanks for Your work! - Jul 27 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by informix 61 comments


Just one click on Playstation in CD-Menu will run CD-Rom as Playstation-CD

But You have to install epse (the emulator) first!

A binary pack will all non deb-rpm available emulators will follow!

I only have license-issues to solve! - Jul 21 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by informix 61 comments



emusuite.gz/usr to /usr
emusuite.gz/opt/kde3/* to /$KDEPREFIX
install emulators ... e.g. zsnes,n64


download a rom ... e.g. mariokart.smc

browse to your download-dir using konqueror and (you´ll see a nice logo for this rom-file) and click on the rom-file !

voila: the specific emulator starts in fullscreen (fully configured with Joystick-support!, etc...)

or .....


Just click with right mouse-button and select "Start server..." to start ZSNES-Mariokart-Server :)


Just click with right mouse-button and select "Connect to server...". A kdialog appears and asks You for the ip to connect to! - Jul 05 2004