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rekonq Web Browser

Browser by adjam 290 comments

I signed up specifically to thank you. I really like that rekonq is just a browser and not a gazillion things.

The progress bar in the address bar is awesome.

Some suggestions/bugs:
- Maybe make the address bar accept searches and maybe show history. The Search box on the right becomes redundant.
- The "Zoom Text Only" option is unchecked but still only text is zoomed
- Add middle clicking on a tab closes it.
- Currently frame widths cannot be adjusted (ex. Google Images).
- The fonts on webpages are smaller than they should be. Also the buttons, on webpages are as wide as the text. (I don't know if these are webkit issues)
- Hotmail does not allow you to click on an email to open it (Webkit issue?)

Keep up the good work - May 03 2009