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Ochiuz Catalin
Window Applets

Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

I have an ubuntu 12.04 with gnome 3 fallback. I installed gnome-window-
available-for.html) some days ago and found something that looks like a
bug; try:

prereq.: all behavior check-boxes from preferences-> behavior are
setted to "on".
1. open an window and maximise it -> the applet buttons show up and and
are focused(this is correct)
2. open a second window(pick one that by default is not created
maximized) --> as it is not maximized, the applet buttons get to a
unfocused state(like shadowed --- sorry for my lack of technical terms);
this is also correct because they do not manipulate anymore a maximized
window as I checked in preferences.
3. vertically maximize the second window("throw" it against the right
side of the screen) --> the applet buttons get to a focused state(wrong
anyway, also see note 1) but if I click one button, the first window
gets minimised/closed/unmaximised, not the second(aka the foused)

So I expect step 3 to always be "applet buttons get to focused state and
they will manipulate the second window(see note 2) becuse it s focused
and (vertically) maximised"...
I think it is very important that the butons can get to be focused at
this step: this tells the user the active window is manipulated by the
applet butons, but it is not! --- this is not questionably.

Note 1: I persoanally expect that to happen --- so it is correct ---
because the violation of Fitt's law that this applet solves is exactly
about maximized windows and the animation from the "throwing" tells me
that a maximization(even if not on all screen, but only on the half
right) is taking place. But this is questionable because:
Note 2: there is a problem with my expectation: if the window is
maximized vertically by other means(say, by using gnome keyboard
shortcuts) then the window might get to occupy some vertical are that is
not near the corner of the screen --- but I personally see no practical
disadvantage in that.

I tried to fix it(so this would be a patch) so I replaced in
all "wnck_window_is_maximized" with
"wnck_window_is_maximized_vertically". I think that only the last of these calls needs to be changed but I did not test it because...
These modifications solved all the issues :) - Feb 26 2013