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Immanuel Peratoner , Germany
GTK2 Themes

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Sep 09 2010
-> :-O oddly now I also have the ugly slider in the sound applet. Either I have broken something up or there've been changes to the Equinox engine

-> Nope, my theme is mostly based on murrine. It is not possible to mix those two engines together. That means I can't use murrine buttons + equinox button focus - Jun 20 2010
Not yet ;) I'm quite happy with the brown color 'cause it's more "warm". But I'll try the new one, though :) - Jun 16 2010
Panel backgrounds in GTK themes make a lot of trouble that's why I removed them. But feel free to manually set the panel background ;)

More on this issue here: - Jun 16 2010
Thank you :)

-> I would also appreciate a ppa/debs, but actually I don't have the time to read up on deb-packaging and ppa stuff

-> I'm already using the Equinox slider :)

-> Now included in 0.1.3 :)

-> afaik it's not possible to include fonts into GTK/Metacity themes

-> I've already posted it at :)

-> Sadly it is not possible to only use the equinox focused button style on buttons. But I am already trying to make the best out of what's possible with Murrine. - Jun 15 2010
Thanks for reporting. Fix will be committed soon. - Jun 03 2010
I am also not very happy with them yet.

Those look really great:

But I also like the window buttons of your DustSand air ( Could you send me the source files (*.svg, *.psd, *.xcf or whatever) of them? - Jun 03 2010
yep, I know :) but at the moment I don't have the time to learn how to create deb-packages and managing ppa's - Jun 03 2010
Good idea! I'll set up one. - Jun 01 2010
How did you try to install it?

Can anyone confirm this? For me the package works well. - Jun 01 2010
Thanks a lot :) - May 31 2010
Oh, didn't noticed that. I also have this problem with menu icons (in Applications,Places,System). Will be fixed ASAP. - May 30 2010
It's the default Ubuntu 10.04 Icontheme, but I have icons in menus enabled (which is disabled by default).

Just do a:

gconftool --set /desktop/gnome/interface/menus_have_icons --type bool true - May 30 2010
Should be fixed now. - May 29 2010
Me too :D If anyone knows how to create Chromium themes, feel free to make one :) - May 29 2010
I actually don't know how to create openbox themes, so not very likely. But perhaps I'll try it. - May 22 2010
Yep, just move ~/.themes/Finery to /usr/share/themes

sudo mv ~/.themes/Finery /usr/share/themes

and then reload the theme and everything should work fine :) - May 22 2010
Hi, it's Petita, you can find it here:

Thanks for the tip, I think I'll try that, too :) - May 18 2010
I'm also not completely happy with the close button yet. You mean making the orange "lighter"?

The panel background that was set by default before is "bg_panel_26.png". - May 15 2010
Whoops, didn't recognize this since I'm using the panel background. But I'll fix that :)

Ambiance theme will come when there's not that much anymore to do on this base theme. - May 15 2010
Actually there is no unmximize icon at the moment, because I've just taken the icons from fibermarupok's theme ( which doesn't include that icon atm.

I'll try to find or create an unmaximize icon which is not very easy without the icon's source files :D - May 14 2010
Thanks :) - May 14 2010
Finery Themes Metacity Reworked

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Jun 03 2010
hey, thanks for those refined buttons. I'd like to include them into the finery themes. Could you send me the source files (svg, psd, xcf, whatever) of them? - Jun 03 2010
Score 67.1%
Jun 03 2010