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QuickAccess for KDE SC 4.5+

Plasma 4 Extensions by janet 35 comments

Where did you hear 0.9 is being worked on?

If you're counting on jmthomas' maintenance fork, I hope you realize when he wrote that 0.9 was "coming soonish" it was May 2009. - Nov 16 2010
I have a vanilla, no-defaults-molested KDE 4.4.2 distribution.

The default Active Window Glow for the Oxygen KWin decoration is #70EFFF for the inner color and #54A7F0 for the outer (which is enabled by default). - Apr 13 2010
Many users aren't aware of this but of all the major Linux distributions Kubuntu deviates the farthest from vanilla KDE's default settings and performs heavy, often gratuitous patching to add non-standard features to KDE.

From the standpoint of users like myself who want as close to a vanilla distribution of KDE as possible this deviation makes Kubuntu the worst choice. This quandary is probably responsible for many Kubuntu-specific themes on

So it's much easier for you to continue the pixbuf engine approach and just label this a Kubuntu-centric theme -- I wouldn't begrudge you that. Supporting distributions of KDE that respect upstream's decisions most likely requires a different Gtk+ engine and lots more work. - Apr 10 2010
I neglected to mention the menubar problem only occurs in Firefox (3.6.3 here, using default theming). - Apr 09 2010
First, when a menu in the menubar is highlighted the text turns white. This doesn't match the default KDE 4.4 Oxygen color scheme in which the text remains black.

Secondly, version 3.2 takes a major step backward IMO. A Gtk-based KDE compatibility theme should at least match a KDE theme using that KDE theme's default appearance settings. Asking the user to compromise on KDE defaults (i.e. by setting 50% shading and a custom .colors file) defeats the purpose of a compatibility theme. I actually like the default KDE 4.4 Oxygen settings with its steep gradients and darker greys. If you can't match KDE's defaults you probably need to re-think your pixmap-based approach. - Apr 09 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

Shouldn't you have read 3 posts above yours before nitpicking, so that you might have avoided redundancy? ;-) - Feb 22 2010
Smooth Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions by panzi 842 comments

FYI, you put "2009" instead of "2010" in the name of the tarball you just released: smooth-tasks-src-wip-2009-02-13-2.tar.bz2 - Feb 16 2010
Dance of the Spirits

Wallpaper Other by ivancukic 12 comments

But what's the standard way of manually installing these kinds of packages in KDE 4.2?

If I download the tarball and in the Desktop Settings dialog I click the Browse button for Picture, the file browser is set to only look for files of type png, jpeg, jpg, svg, and svgz, and won't let me choose anything else (i.e. not tar.bz2).

And if I go to Desktop Settings --> Get New Wallpapers, your package isn't listed (yet) under Latest. - Jul 11 2009
Firefox & Thunderbird icons

Icon Sub-Sets by aax24vb 29 comments

I applaud the individual who re-posted these icons. They're substantial improvements of the official images and are being freely shared for others to use with Firefox and Thunderbird. Any claims of real harm being done here are without merit.

Copyleft advocates claim to be using the copyright system in order to make ideas more free than traditional copyright licenses have allowed for, but in practice these people often stoop to the same childish game of this-is-mine-not-yours that made the notion of traditional copyright so unappealing to copyleft advocates in the first place. The irony of this seems lost on most, but it's not surprising to me since the legal basis of copyleft is the logically and ethically flawed philosophy of copyright. You can't build a house of sharing on a foundation of oppression.

The recent open source licensing craze has turned the landscape of ideas into even more of a minefield than it was before, injecting more bureaucracy and legal ambiguity. If we truly value the spirit of sharing and the freedom of information and ideas, public domain is the ethical superior to copyright/copyleft and is the only rational means to achieve these ideals.

If the collective copyright trance that our minds have been captive to remains unchallenged, revocation of the rights to artificial monopoly (copyright) and the full restoration of the public domain are not likely to be legislated in the foreseeable future--and so it must be fought for instead. It will take many acts of civil disobedience large and small (even as seemingly trivial as re-posting these icons) to progressively awaken more people until the time is right for this change to occur. As it stands, millions of people already violate copyrights every day and are at least peripherally aware that ideas and information are fundamentally different from physical property, and that illegality is not the same thing as immorality. - Dec 25 2004