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Apr 16 2008
Thank you very much for your wishlist. It is very interesting, and it will be included on next version.

I will keep you informed.

Yours - Apr 19 2008
qqueue.h is a standard part of qt3-devel. - Apr 15 2008
You need the headers and libraries to compile KDE applications. - Apr 15 2008
Please give me a more detail information of what tar says.

I have downloaded it, and it works on my machine. - Apr 13 2008
Thank you very much for the packaging. - Mar 27 2006
Ok, in automake 1.6, what it is supposed to be used for KDE, it works. As the rest of KDE.

Anyway, you can send to me a patch with the solution for working for any automake version. I will be very thankful for that patch, and without any doubt I will include it.


David - Mar 24 2006

Sorry, but blame on automake, KDE or both.

_ALL_ KDE needs automake 1.6. Is a fact. With _all_ KDE applications. - Mar 22 2006

KDE requires automake 1.6

Install automake.


David - Mar 21 2006

Tested in 4.0.1, and it worked. :-?

Anyway, I have fixed the problem (it should give to you a warning, not an error...) it is in the same 0.6, I am not going to create a new version for this problem. Only download it again.

BTW, it is on my web page where I live ( diggin on it. It is in Chilches-costa, near Málaga. - Mar 18 2006