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ishom jauhari Boyolali, Indonesia
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Jan 29 2013
Very nice feedback, do you use openbox as desktop-manager? The making of theme is more focus to openbox as wm (the name is also associated to this). I just think if a nice theme is found - it can be such a template we can control/change color in more simple way. You can see the structure of 'themerc'. I'm trying to build software for it, using gambas, but it take time to adapt from visual basic (windoz). - Jan 31 2013
Lol... unusual way, right? By the way thanks alot. I found a file tar.gz, and can automatically be extracted to correct directory in system without add "-C intended_directory". I've tried making, but does not work like that. So, I did zip of targz (smile). - Jan 31 2013
Thank you for reporting and nice tip&trick. - Jan 29 2013
Thank you for suggestion, TAR.GZ file already uploaded and connected here. Although it has limitation (such rounded corner), openbox is really great, light & easily configured as theme we want. - Jan 29 2013