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Mar 28 2020
well, you guys please continue reporting the bugs here and the screencaps at for now until i'll convince myself to plunge into git, and/or directly on the sourceforge page. git will most likely have to wait for the foreseable future - May 06 2020
i think i managed to gather (almost) all the data i need to transition the xfwm themes to gtk3, so stay tuned :) - May 05 2020
u's most welcome, but w/r to gitlab i'll have to learn git first :) - May 05 2020
Most welcome :) - May 05 2020
np :( - May 01 2020
it IS using gtk3, i changed some colors in the gtk3 widgets.css file and the changes get reflected in xfwm4 windows' colors, but it's NOT documented in the release notes what colors get picked up how. nor did i find anything yet by googling, what a bunch of MORONS... - May 01 2020
xfwm4 transitioned to picking up its color from gtk3, and i can't find any documentation on this. the only doc i found related to xfwm4 config ( has not been updated to gtk3, so i'm very much in the dark here... - May 01 2020
my cat is very sick so i'm not in the mood to look into these right now, if/when things get better with her i'll look into everything you reported. thanks for the appreciative words - May 01 2020
k, thanks, i'll try to investigate a bit this issue also - Apr 29 2020
1) my window manager theme makes heavy use of the color table here , most theme managers don't use these so this *might* explain why you only see the problem with my wm theme; however, the weirdest thing is that it doesn't happen with *all* my "sub-themes". i'll look on the net to check if they made any changes to these colors in 4.14
2) also, i noticed another weird thing in your screenshot: there are no scrollbars in your windows, did you make some changes to the themes' code? - Apr 25 2020
this is the weird, they look fine at my end (classiclooks 1.5.0, but i'm using xfce 4.12) - Apr 24 2020
ouch, i had no idea compiz uses metacity. okay, you have a strong argument, so i'll look into it. - Mar 09 2020
i'm afraid any investment in metacity is a waste of time, i don't see much of a future for metacity, but i'll look into it. if you can point me to any articles relevant to the future of metacity i'd very much appreciate it, and should i see any benefit from porting the wm theme i'll try to do it. happy new year! :) - Jan 01 2020
hmmm... for xfwm window frames it should be doable by unlocking the button positioning and then you can move them from the xfwm configuration settings (but i have to check if i can still default them to the right and maintain the lock on which buttons are available and which are hidden). on the other hand, for gtk3-csd titlebars this is one of them things that i never investigated and i don't know how it's done. i'll look into it and if it's not too tedious i'll add an option. Happy new year! :) - Dec 29 2019
yeah, the scrollbar handle decoration thingie wasn't all that easy as i thought (because of these new colorization options, otherwise it would have been much easier) - Dec 22 2019
several new tweaking options are on their way (several coloring options plus a scrollbar-handle-decoration-on/off switch). wide/narrow scrollbars are already possible via the 'dpi-high/low' option (this will also set the dimensions of several other controls, such as menu and drop-down list buttons' arrows, etc). do you have anything else on your mind? - Dec 08 2019
yes, it should be relatively easy, but it will have to wait a little, for now i'm working on adding highlight colors on hovered/pressed buttons (this is important not just aesthetically, it's also an accessibility thing for... my mother :) plus, i'm really busy these days and i don't have time to work on this theme right now... - Nov 11 2019
kewl. i imafined it has something to do with gtk3 (because wiskers and pulseaudio plugins are gtk3), but i didn't think of you making a mistake in the syntax. anyways, all's well when it ends well :) - Nov 01 2019
k, i give up. if you say that 'greybird' looks okay but the modified base theme doesn't then i really don't know what's going on... - Oct 30 2019
hmmm... did you make the change in _BOTH_ /gtk-2.0/tweaks.css _AND_ gtk-3.0/tweaks.css files? - Oct 29 2019
i really don't know what's going on on your system, i didn't receive this complaint before, and i cannot reproduce it on my Xubuntu system, see - Oct 29 2019
u's most welcome :) - Sep 23 2019
Okay, when you say "dark panel" i understand you mean just the panel (the one with the window buttons, the clock, etc, usually placed at the top or bottom of the screen). If you want any other component of the theme, or the entire theme, to be made dark that's not possible, this is a light theme only, sorry :(.

Now, going back to your question (as i understood it): to change to panel of ClassicLooks to dark (like it is in e.g. ClassicLooks Greybird) then just open the files "/ClassicLooks/gtk-2.0/tweaks.css" _AND_ "/ClassicLooks/gtk-3.0/tweaks.css" and change the text "panel-contrast" to "panel-dark" in both of these files (there's also "panel-black" option, which is pitch-black and has flat buttons) - Sep 23 2019
you can make a copy of the ClassicLooks "base theme" folder and then customize your copy as you wish (see ClassicLooks/TOOLS/CONFIG/HACKING file in your themes dir). easy as pie :) - Sep 23 2019
you can make a copy of the ClassicLooks "base theme" and then customize your copy as you wish (see ClassicLooks/TOOLS/CONFIG/HACKING file in your themes dir) - Sep 23 2019