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M W Dresden, Germany
Make desktops, not war!

Wallpaper Other by linux4ever 10 comments

Exactly my opinion! - Nov 23 2009
KDEmod icon theme for Kubuntu

Full Icon Themes by StirlitzKyrlitz 5 comments

Thanks for this Icon-Theme and thanks for your work!

I use it. - Jul 15 2008
Tango Theme for Konversation

Konversation Nicklist Themes by segfaultcl 3 comments

Please continue! - Feb 23 2007
BC Tango KDE

Full Icon Themes by boskicinek 36 comments

Thank you for your work.

Please continue! - Feb 23 2007

GTK2 Themes by NeoExt 9 comments

Thanks for this theme!

Pleace can you post the metacity-theme? - Nov 02 2006

GTK2 Themes by shawnifoley 11 comments

This is very nice!

But, where is the link to the firefox-theme?

isinkwa - Mar 23 2005