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Apr 29 2020
Report the issue to the bug tracker and attach the files/testcases. - Jan 15 2015
The latest snapshot does have a fullscreen mode. - Nov 20 2009
- Apr 18 2009
> Where can I read more documentation?

The README file in the distribution provides all the available help. Several features are still changing, and it is too early to write a complete manual.

> How to use the data and preview panel?

The data panel is used for adding parameters used by the document generators

The preview panel is enabled after a document is generated (html for the moment)

> Any reason to prefer Semantik over Kdissert?

Semantik is the new name for kdissert in KDE4

- Dec 27 2008
Comments cannot be removed - Mar 16 2008
The runtime problems haven been fixed in version 0.6.7. - Mar 15 2008
Fixed in version 0.5.8. - Sep 27 2007
Integrating the mindmap view into koffice would be a bad idea: the map comes before the text documents, and the map makes no sense in drawings, spreadsheets or formulas.

Making the diagramming tool a koffice application is an interesting idea, though somehow duplicates Kivio features. Kivio has never been too helpful to me, but others may not share this opinion.

A third idea is to use the Koffice libraries from Semantik, if the following technical limitations can be overcome: load/unload documents extremely fast, provide document thumbnails, limit the amount of menus, and make the build systems live in harmony.

There are more urgent concerns at the moment, but these ideas are considered. - Sep 24 2007
The crashes have been fixed in the version 0.5.6.

Custom flags and custom colors raise interesting questions that will be treated last: when a map is opened on another computer, one would expect to get the same flags; but for new maps, which flags must be used ? the ones of the last map opened or the default ones ? and how to reset to the default flags ? - Sep 21 2007
Semantik is the rewrite of kdissert for Qt4.

The file dialog now shows the kdi files as well (0.5.4). - Sep 11 2007
The log also says:

distutils.errors.DistutilsPlatformError: invalid Python installation: unable to open /usr/lib/python2.5/config/Makefile

Please install python-devel and let me know if this solved the problem. - Sep 11 2007
I totally agree with you. This feature was present in Kdissert and will be present in Semantik too. - Aug 26 2007
This should not be needed anymore in version 0.5.1b - Aug 11 2007
Semantik 0.5.1 provides a few fixes for the compilation and installation:
* if found, lrelease-qt4 is used instead of lrelease
* the configuration script stops if lrelease cannot be found
* the rpath is added to the library when the prefix is /usr/local (distributions usually set a different prefix)
* ldconfig is run at the end of the installation (when possible) - Aug 11 2007
Run this command to see if lrelease is in your PATH:
which lrelease

If it does not give anything, try finding the directory where lrelease is in, for example /opt/qt4/bin

Once you have it, set the new PATH with
export PATH=/opt/qt4/bin:$PATH

then run
./waf configure
and see if it is found

What system do you have once again ? Kubuntu ?
- Aug 10 2007
Run /sbin/ldconfig (as root) after installing (currently missing from the script).

One question: is /usr/local/lib in /etc/ ?
- Aug 10 2007
The specific commands for building a .deb are (the rest is standard: running dh_make, etc):
./waf configure --prefix=/usr
DESTDIR=$fakeroot ./waf install

With a pointer to a virtual machine (vmware) having debian + Qt4 + python-dev i could make the package myself.
- Aug 10 2007
Make certain the program lrelease is available in your PATH (necessary for the translations).

A more descriptive error message will be present in v0.5.2, but in the meantime, can you tell us where the lrelease program is on your system ? - Aug 09 2007
You may.

For now Semantik does not have the KDE libraries, and i am still undecided on the translation system to use (remain Qt-only or use the KDE one ?).

The strings are also subject to change (the variables in the code completion), and have not been reviewed yet.

It is difficult to keep the translations up-to-date but it can be done if you have a particular requirement. - Aug 01 2007
Semantik 0.5.0 should run properly on Kubuntu with Qt 4.3. - Aug 01 2007
Do you have Qt3 too on the system ? - Aug 01 2007
This problem does not occur with a qt4.3.0 compiled from source, i am looking for the reason. - Aug 01 2007
What Qt version are you using ?

Also, could you please re-compile the project using this:
waf distclean; waf configure --nocache; waf --nocache; sudo waf install
- Jul 30 2007
The error message looks pretty clear, the ocaml compiler needs to be installed too. Before you ask, Python-dev is needed too, but this is written in the project description already (look above). - Jul 29 2007
Install Qt development packages (Qt >= 4.2), i think it is called libqt4-dev - Jul 28 2007
The kdi files can be imported already (v0.4.2). - Jul 06 2007
Yes, and no access to my website to change the link :-/
- Jul 05 2007
Really old files (0.2.x) are really too old. But you do not have a ton of such files around, do you ? - Jul 03 2007
Should work in version 0.4.1 - Jul 03 2007
v0.4 should work with Qt 4.2.x - Jul 02 2007
From Qt 4.3 docs:

I might add a #ifdef, but without this code the map layout looks ugly.
- Jun 26 2007
> 1. Where is the bug tracker?

Since Semantik is not finished (the gui especially), reporting bugs would useless.

> 2. Why the QPL in this new version, rather than the GPL of Kdissert?

Semantik was rewritten from scratch.
- Jun 25 2007
The configuration script of the latest snaphot (3.3) should catch the missing g++. Swig is no longer needed. - Jun 20 2007
The file format was changed, an update will be provided soon.
- Jun 18 2007
The compiler g++ and swig >= 1.3.31 are needed, install them.
- Jun 18 2007
* ./waf configure --prefix=/usr/
* checkinstall --fstrans=no --nodoc ./waf install - May 20 2007
Good to know.

It appears that the taskjuggler tool mentioned is a Taskjuggler plugin. As such, bundling it with Semantik would make little sense.

The other solution is to make an export script for Semantik (python). This should be easy if the Taskjuggler file spec are known. - May 05 2007
In the concept Semantik is the continuation of Kdissert, but from a developer point of view it is a complete rewrite.

The graphical user interface (widgets, mouse and keyboard controls) is different, and the architecture was changed (Qt4, extension system, file format).
- May 03 2007
Until a new snapshot is available, the dl string can be removed from the file wscript (reconfigure afterwards). - Apr 24 2007
which platform ? - Apr 23 2007

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Jan 24 2013
The cursor should display a clock when gnuchess is computing the next move.

Also, there is no undo action (perhaps for the better). - Dec 17 2010

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Jun 18 2018
It has been chosen in Semantik (for the flags): - May 01 2007

Utilities 8 comments

by pek
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Nov 21 2005
* The main window does not scale on resize
* The main window does not have a menu or toolbars
* Support for other languages is needed - Nov 09 2005

Various Games 7 comments

by yodor
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Oct 08 2005
Just name it SkippingStones - there is already one "K" in the name. Change it before it is too late. - Oct 08 2005
Some code for you:

naming could be improved ('K' prefix)

Thomas - Oct 08 2005
kio-clucene, a search engine for kde

Utilities 37 comments

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Jun 13 2005
The error is fairly self-explanatory: you have used "make install" last time you tried kio_kclucene and old files are laying all around:

Remove them first, and recompile kio_kclucene (find /usr -iname "*kclucene*" | xargs rm) - Jun 02 2005
XdTV ( xawdecode )

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May 21 2005
Will the gui use qt/kde ? the sliders are unusable and awful to the eyes. - May 22 2005

Tactics & Strategy 12 comments

by Andi
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Mar 04 2013
For those interested, a kde port is available there (screenshot - Apr 26 2005

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Apr 16 2005
777 means read and write for all users - you actually meant 755, didn't you ? - Apr 12 2005

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 178 comments

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Oct 20 2005
cron updates the db every day, but i often search for files recently moved or modified so locate is barely useful for me.
The updatedb process also takes a lot of time and resources : i have turned it off because of the hard disk noise. - Dec 10 2004

by Noughmad

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9   Dec 17 2010