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Alexander Davydov-Sinitcyn

Full Icon Themes by snakebite 156 comments

KDE 4.8.2 brought this bug. In Dolphin, when I enlarge icon size to 96 px and more, all folders with thumbnail preview (e.g. containing pictures) fall out of theme:
left panel: 80 px icons
right: 96 px
And again, with thumbnails off: all "places" icons larger than 128 px also fall back to default theme - Apr 08 2012

Graphic Apps by mkoller 58 comments

Thanks for a great app!
> make fitToPage/origSize persistent for a session
That's fine. But what do you think about a smarter behaviour? I mean rendering by default small images at 100% scale and big ones fitted to screen, both in window and fullscreen mode? This is already implemented in many viewers. - Mar 17 2012