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Feb 24 2006
Yes, you're right. Almost every command related with network interfaces need superuser privileges. So, if you're going to scan, you need to use the SWScanner - as root link or (if you prefer), configure sudo (as I do for myself). - May 03 2006
It is fixed (among other things related to newer kernels and wireless-tools) in the svn version. Take a look at or directly download the development version at

Note that svn version needs wireless-tools v28 installed

If this is the only error you get, you can also change line 133 of scanning.cpp from " = buffer;" to " = (char *)buffer;" - Mar 09 2006
Yep. Of course i'd be proud to be able to help in KDE4 development.

The problem is that I don't really know if I will be usefull as I'm a quite newbie (1,5 years old) Linux (Debian only) user and, of course, developpr. SWScanner is my first GUI application which I mainly developed in 3 months. I'm sure lots of lines of code could be improved by experts.

Anyway, I'm a quick learner so I'd never mind to share all my knowledge and part of my free time to that interesting project.

Are you taking part of it?? What's (in your opinion) the best way to get in touch with the project? (I suppose through it's mailing list).

Thx for your comments :-) - Jan 17 2006
Strange... you're the first (AFAIK) with this problem. It seems to be a WT/kernel version related problem. Could you post wich ones are you using in order to try to reproduce the errors??

Thx. - Jan 17 2006