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Ivan Barrera Santiago, Chile

Plasma 4 Extensions 323 comments

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Jan 13 2010
You must be psychic.
It seems that was it. Added that, and it is working now.

Im compiling manually, as my repos don have it. But it compiles and works smooth now.

- Dec 22 2008
Ok, the new version works fine on kde 4.1 (fedora 10).
However, somehow i dont get any track information on the screen. Just the pos bar, and the buttons...
Any ideas ? - Dec 22 2008
Just compiles the plasmoid, and whenever i try to add it to desktop, plasma crashes and reload.
Havent done any backtracing yet (damned work), but for sake of knowing it is a fedora 10, kde 4.1.3, all the rest standar.

- Dec 15 2008