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Jamin Davis Northern England, United Kingdom
Real Media Converter

Audio Extractors/Converters by cutout 1 comment

your hosting site dudesblog reports 404 for both links :-|
- Mar 13 2010

System Sounds by Puli 104 comments

I can't download your file from mediafire, using konqueror at least. even with javascript ON :(.. sort ya file hosting out mate. - May 14 2009

Browser by Gibreel 22 comments

This is a great improvement on the builtin bar. I've been using konq sidebyside with firefox because of the better support - now I can stick with one browser :). I will build a deb pkg when I have some time. - Jun 18 2007

Network by George666 199 comments

CPU usage has dropped down to about 0.7% and the plugins are now visible again in configuration - like the new interface mucho gusto :). Thanks! - Jun 07 2007

System Software
by shie

7 .9
Oct 02 2009
7 .2
Oct 02 2009