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Vladimir Jary , Czech Republic

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Hello, I have translated 2ManDVD into Czech language. You can get the TS file at

Přeložil jsem 2ManDVD do češtiny. Soubor s překladem si můžete stáhnout na - Jul 06 2009
Slax Tools

Utilities by jaryv1 4 comments

this project look very interesting, so I will probably integrate it into some future release.
Vladimir - May 07 2008
Slax Tools

Utilities by jaryv1 4 comments

It should be fixed now. Thank you for reporting it. - May 07 2008
Frontend for ffmpeg2theora

Video Apps by jaryv1 3 comments

It seems that you are using QT 4. This program works only with QT 3.3.x - Sep 04 2006