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Jason Bainbridge
built-in K-menu manager

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by MMax 6 comments

Thtat has been in KDE for as long as I can remember... - Jun 07 2003
keramik style + translucent kicker

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KrAzY 131 comments

What's with the tiny subject lines here? Makes it near impossible to have anything meaningful, anyway...

To compile anything that depends on anything else (including Gnome Apps) you need the header files which are usually contained in the -dev packages.

I'm not in front of a linux box right now so I don't know the exact package you need but have a scroll through your available packages in rpmdrake and there should be something like XFREE____-dev.rpm find that install it and then try again.

You will also need the -dev packages of kdelibs and kdebase installed. Before anyone whines about this, it has to be this way as it's pre-release software and as such hasn't been released in binary format hopefully it will be part of KDE 3.1 at which stage you won't have to mess around compiling stuff.

So this is strictly for those people that don't mind getting their hands dirty.


- Jun 24 2002
Translucency Kicker patch

Kicker Panel by teax 20 comments

but I think it goes beyond that, I tried the simple copy and paste but got more errors. It's my first hack of KDE source so that was starting to get above me.

I think what that does is cause the background of docked icons to be updated along with kicker itself and keramik doesn't do that, where highcolor probably does. I'll have a hack around later and see what I can come up with.

Now the RPM's, they are causing me a good deal of grief. :( Tried following a few tutorials but I must be missing something. Oh well I'll take a break and maybe an idea will hit me... - Jun 17 2002
Translucency Kicker patch

Kicker Panel by teax 20 comments

Keramik doesn't implement:


so after applying the patch just delete the lines in keramik.cpp and keramik.h that refer to slotBackgroundChanged

I'd do another patch but I think if you are able to do this you should be able to edit two simple files. :)

Hmmm now for the RPM... - Jun 17 2002
Translucency Kicker patch

Kicker Panel by teax 20 comments

Tomorrow I'm going to have to look at doing the same for Keramik if someone doesn't beat me to it...

For everyone having trouble 'installing' this I'm afraid it's not as simple as it sounds. First you need the source of the highcolor style, then you need to follow the instructions above. If you are lucky someone will probably soon make an RPM for this, personally I've neve made one otherwise I'd give it a go. Maybe tomorrow I'll take a look at it...

Anyway good work! - Jun 16 2002
Aqua shutdown screen :)

Various Stuff by snoogelpoof 21 comments

do you get it to show the What do you want to do next box? I only ever get the Save Session prompt.

J - May 20 2002
JaseOne's first (KDE3+HPL+Crystal)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by JaseOne 5 comments

It took a bit of finding but I got there, thanks to the 'Finding Connectiva Crystal...' post and after a bit of guess work I found the mirror list on Connectiva's site as the FTP given was quite overladen.

That RPM has a few dependencies but all I wanted was the icons so I ignored them, had to copy the Crystal Icons folder from usr/lib/kde3/share/icons to opt/lib/kde3/share/icons to get it to work.

The screenshot was using the Mandrake 8.2 distribution so if anyone needs any pointers on getting HPL up and running on it let me know.

Jase - Apr 09 2002
JaseOne's first (KDE3+HPL+Crystal)

KDE Plasma Screenshots by JaseOne 5 comments

But what I am after is the icon that KPPP dislays in the Panel if you choose to dock it there. ie. the two red dots in the black box towards the right. It just doesn't fit well with the rest of the style.

Would maybe a blue like on the KDE box background for the title bar make it more to everyone's taste?

Jase - Apr 09 2002