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Juuso Salmu

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Apr 18 2007
it didn't work. Everything works fine it creates the theme archive for KDE, but convert gives me the error message:
"convert: Unable to open file (*) [No such file or directory]." and there are now files in the directories created in the archive. also the folders that are in 128 are all empty. Is that normal? - May 23 2007
I have that package installed and the error message is created by convert. That means that convert can't open the files for conversion. Probably the script is pointing to a wrong location. I checked the code on the script but since my skills are limited, I couldn't find the problem. Any solutions? - May 22 2007
When I try to run the buildscript I get this errot message from convert:

"convert: Unable to open file (*) [No such file or directory]."

I run Kubuntu 7.04 Feisty and all the requirements are met...
- May 22 2007