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Jenya YQ

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by mcder
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Apr 10 2020
Thank you for the effort!
If that's the same version you shared on Google+, then I've already tried it. It's definitely better but the shadows are still too prominent in my opinion.

I hope you'll find a good looking and sensible solution. Good luck! - Mar 26 2013
*already said - Mar 24 2013
And if what I already didn't make you dizzy ;') here is another thing - your choices of light values on the transparent surfaces don't take into account the fact that one should see the shadow through them.
Values would be a bit higher since those surface are glass-like and partly reflective and would pick up light that's shining on them/ environment but it would definitely be clear that you can see their own shadows through them. Currently that would result in much darker panel colors.

(so that would be one more reason for much brighter/softer shadows ;.) - Mar 24 2013
It's a bit crazy, I know... should've been more concise. - Mar 23 2013
No, I was wrong :( Plasma theme update didn't work for me. After updating it from the KDE settings dialog, it simply reverts back to the older Helium version, that's why shadows were smaller :) - Mar 23 2013
I noticed that you reduced shadow size in the recent update but I still think having a version with larger soft shadows would be worth testing.

One could achieve the same 'soft' effect even with sharp shadows by making them more transparent (as if they were under indirect light) - Mar 23 2013
Just came to mind... in the latest Qt5 it is actually possible to render 'real' shadows directly. No fakery required.
This is a bit insane but you could implement it in KDE quite soon. - Mar 23 2013
Thank you for your great work!

I find the shadows in the preview 4 far too strong. I don't mind the size but they definitely could be softer or more transparent.

So assuming that the light in a UI should make sense, which is questionable, here is my attempt at reasoning this out.

In your current design shadows end with a sharp round edge on -all- corners, which makes little sense light-wise, unless you imagine many strong point-lights hovering over every UI element.
The only case with equally sized sharp shadows would be if the strong imaginary light source were very far away but in this case the shadow size would be close to zero because the viewer and the far away light source are aligned.
(+ as far as I know KDE widgets don't support shadow offset, so they have to be aligned)

If it's just one strong light source close and directly behind, you would see differently sized shadows, which is impossible to do right now in KDE.

So the only 'reasonable' way to do this is to assume having a diffuse light source/s somewhere close to the display. In this setting you would see nice soft shadows, thus not only hiding the fact that they should have different sizes but also the number of lights becomes more or less irrelevant.

PS This is probably what went on in some of the wondrous minds sitting in the Cupertino Spaceship and pondering the same questions. ...or not. - Mar 23 2013
A little bit more detailed Changelog would be great.

It would make it simpler to refer to when submitting questions/suggestions.

Thanks for the great work! - Mar 20 2013
Thank you! - Mar 01 2013
I have a problem after 4.10 update, there is no transparency in the thumbnailer/box app switcher.

I like the theme, great work! - Feb 28 2013
vxNeon (alpha)

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Mar 21 2013
Yep, that's what I meant. Thanks for pointing this out. - Mar 16 2013
Well Jenya, this question of yours doesn't make much sense. Surely you meant something like this "Does anyone know if it's possible to animate the xcursor between cursor states when a certain action is triggered?" - Mar 16 2013
Otherwise, as I said before, for darker version there is a 'shortcut' and even though it's simple it is really time consuming - just inverse every png in sources and 'make -ik'. - Mar 10 2013
Thank you, I wish I had more time to do this. But I'll keep it in mind. - Mar 10 2013
Does anyone know if it's possible to register changes in the xcursor to change the shape if a certain action is triggered? - Mar 10 2013
I just though of this... could it be that your brightness settings of the display are at a high level? It might be a good idea to adjust the brightness setting of your monitor, at lower levels it shouldn't flatten the values as much and the cursor should be easily readable.
- Mar 04 2013
I intended to do 2 versions of the same cursor, a black and white...but the white Neon cursors do have a weak shadow so for me it seems to be enough even on a completely white background.

However I see your point.

It's best if you try to do it yourself, the sources directory contains all the necessary files. A Krita 2.7 file (source.kra) has all the layers for constructing your own version. In this particular case you could simply inverse every png and then remake them (make -ik, -ik because a lot of cursors are still missing)
Anyway, thanks for your comment. - Mar 03 2013
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

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Jan 16 2013
Awesome work, thank you! - Mar 06 2013
wacom tablet

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by Etric
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Oct 28 2015
Thank you for your work! - Mar 04 2013
Oxygen Neon White

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Mar 01 2013
I'm not sure. It must be one of the default themes or packaged together by KDE Team with other cursors. I woudnt have installed a green cursor otherwise, not my thing ;) - Jan 07 2013
Thanks! It's KDE QtCurve + my settings :)
- Nov 10 2012
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9   Aug 18 2014

Plasma Themes
by mcder

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wacom tablet

System Software
by Etric

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