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Jérémie Devauchelle

Utilities by JerD 7 comments

You're right about directories naming, it will be done for next release, wich will bring bugfixes and minor improvements. But as i am currently on holydays, it won't be until two weeks...

Anyway, does anybody has similar problems when building with Qt 4.3 ? - Aug 02 2007

Utilities by JerD 7 comments

Mmm, it builds fine with Qt 4.3 for me... What's the problem ? - Jul 25 2007

Utilities by JerD 7 comments

Thanks for your feedback, its help make things better, but i must says that i do not understand some of your remarks :

- mainwindow size and position are already saved (ok, not state), and it works fine for me.

- What do you call tool-window ? toolbars can be moved everywhere around the editor, and so as the file explorer, which is dockable. As for the main windows, all the states and positions are saved.

- file open|save dialog : this is because Nagaina is not a xml-file reader, but a "all files" filter can be added anyway.

- Whats wrong exactly with trayicon ? it only show a menu to restore the app or close it...

- xml-validation : don't know what you're talking about ;)

Anyway, thanks for trying. - Jul 25 2007