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by mf2
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Sep 12 2007
If I'm not mistaken that is the same profile as the PSP. You might want to try Avidemux it has many diff settings you can convert too even the Automatic profiles you are looking for including Ipod. You might want to check for your distro. It has a cool function that scans your kernel for dependencies, then just search and download all of those dependencies, install and then your set. If you use a Debian type Distro then you will have to search for it and a way to install it.

Good Luck! - Nov 13 2008
Wanted to Encode DVD's with VCD Quality MPegs(for saving my old VHS tapes). Been Using Avidemux, but I have to encode twice, once in DVD format(for the Audio 48000Hz, Resamplers do not work well) and once in VCD format.
Then I had to split the video's with TMPEGEnc using Wine(MPEG Tools Work really good with Wine).
Your program enabled me to encode a movie with VCD quality Video and DVD quality sound saving(you have no idea how much) a lot of time.
Then I use it to De-Multiplex the video as well. Now I don't have to load the buggy TMPEGEnc under Wine anymore or use Avidemux.
But yeah that darn language change is annoying, but by far less then Wine.

Thanks Again! - Nov 13 2008