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Jose Filipe Santos Santo Tirso, Portugal
Karamba & Superkaramba

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Jan 17 2011
In ny net when compiling kfilebox 0.4.9 it gets this error ! Howto solve it ?

mainwindow.o: In function `Configuration::setValue(QString const&, QVariant const&)':
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/configuration.h:22: undefined reference to `KConfigGroup::writeEntry(QString const&, QVariant const&, QFlags<KConfigBase::WriteConfigFlag>)'
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/configuration.h:22: undefined reference to `KConfigGroup::writeEntry(QString const&, QVariant const&, QFlags<KConfigBase::WriteConfigFlag>)'
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/configuration.h:22: undefined reference to `KConfigGroup::writeEntry(QString const&, QVariant const&, QFlags<KConfigBase::WriteConfigFlag>)'
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/configuration.h:22: undefined reference to `KConfigGroup::writeEntry(QString const&, QVariant const&, QFlags<KConfigBase::WriteConfigFlag>)'
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/configuration.h:22: undefined reference to `KConfigGroup::writeEntry(QString const&, QVariant const&, QFlags<KConfigBase::WriteConfigFlag>)'
mainwindow.o:/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/configuration.h:22: more undefined references to `KConfigGroup::writeEntry(QString const&, QVariant const&, QFlags<KConfigBase::WriteConfigFlag>)' follow
mainwindow.o: In function `Configuration::getValue(QString const&) const':
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/configuration.h:21: undefined reference to `KConfigGroup::readEntry(QString const&, char const*) const'
mainwindow.o: In function `MainWindow':
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/mainwindow.cpp:37: undefined reference to `KMenu::KMenu(QString const&, QWidget*)'
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/mainwindow.cpp:98: undefined reference to `KStatusNotifierItem::KStatusNotifierItem(QObject*)'
mainwindow.o: In function `MainWindow::updateStatus(DropboxStatus, QString const&)':
/home/filipe/testes/kfilebox_0.4.9/src/mainwindow.cpp:403: undefined reference to `KStatusNotifierItem::setIconByPixmap(QIcon const&)'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [bin/kfilebox] Error 1 - May 25 2013
Thanks !

In the project page

A week ago, the new versions o.4.8 and 0.4.9 are only available for Ubuntu !
But i use Fedora, and has many users using other distros ... !
is too bad to develop only for one distro :-(

But, after send one message to developer, now the source is available !
In this mode, anyone using any distro can update kfilebox :-)

Today i download the source of the newer version 0.4.9 and nore late i will update this ;-)

Thanks ! :-) - Mar 19 2012
Its very bad, everytime i start my kde it shows this bug ! :-(
Its hours to fix then .... !
Fixes to be fast ! - Mar 14 2012
Application: kfilebox (0.4.7)
KDE Platform Version: 4.7.3 (4.7.3) (Compiled from sources)
Qt Version: 4.8.0
Operating System: Linux 3.1.2-1.fc16.i686.PAE i686
Distribution: "Fedora release 16 (Verne)"

-- Information about the crash:
<In detail, tell us what you were doing when the application crashed.>
The crash can be reproduced every time.

-- Backtrace:
Application: kfilebox (kfilebox), signal: Aborted
Using host libthread_db library "/lib/".
[KCrash Handler]
#7 0x00de8424 in __kernel_vsyscall ()
#8 0x4fcfd98f in raise () from /lib/
#9 0x4fcff2d5 in abort () from /lib/
#10 0x4fd3ce3a in __libc_message () from /lib/
#11 0x4fdd8cb5 in __fortify_fail () from /lib/
#12 0x4fdd6b9a in __chk_fail () from /lib/
#13 0x4fdd8c4a in __fdelt_warn () from /lib/
#14 0x41c6ecb4 in QProcessPrivate::waitForStarted (this=0x9ae1808, msecs=500) at io/qprocess_unix.cpp:1024
#15 0x41c23065 in QProcess::waitForStarted (this=0x9adc9e0, msecs=500) at io/qprocess.cpp:1689
#16 0x08055e0e in SystemCall::executeDetached (this=0x9adc9e0, command=) at util/SystemCall.cpp:67
#17 0x08056d42 in core::DropboxClient::start (this=0x9a7f698) at core/DropboxClient.cpp:22
#18 0x0805132b in MainWindow::MainWindow (this=0xbfcf8f90, parent=0x0) at mainwindow.cpp:46
#19 0x0804fb22 in main (argc=) at main.cpp:34
Report to

Please fix it !
I sended an mail to this e-mail but i dont had feedback ! :-( - Dec 19 2011
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1069 comments

Score 84.7%
Sep 02 2017
After update to last version, in first day, every ok :-)

But days after, happends:
could not find requested component: plasma_applet_cwp :-(

Howto fix it or is realy a bug ?? - Mar 25 2013
Today i've researched for weather plasmoid binary, and i found this !
This widget is very fine ! ;-)
Congratulations, you maked a good job ! :-) - Jun 13 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 22 comments

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Jan 18 2012
Congratulations, thats a Great Job :-)
I had experimented this, and this applet is soo big, ocuping very very space in plasma :-D

I think, if it has settings to choose font size and color, buddy icons y/n, transparency %, ... it will be a little better, like piglet for windows, or most better :-)

Regards - May 17 2012
Fancy Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 570 comments

by Emdek
Score 84.4%
Jun 10 2012
And Cairo dock has a KDE very, very good integration, im surprised with it ! :-) - Dec 19 2011
Hi !

I experimented Fancy Tasks, but with time to using that, i verify that is very buggy !

Now im using Cairo Dock with OpenGl, it has a lot of very cool efects, many themes, its easy, and rarely Crashes ! :-) - Dec 19 2011
Great Job ! lol
Finaly ! loool

But at somme weeks ago i experiment cairo dock, with kde integration and i like so mutch this ! loool

So its rarely crash, i had properly no problems with this ! ;-)
And has so mutch effects ! ;-) - Sep 05 2011
Hi !

I realy note that Fancy Tasks crash many times, most when open or close apps that is has lancher, and its causes crash every plasma ! :-(

For other side, i've experimented cairo dock, a times ago, and this do not had a good integration in kde !

Maybe, if does not happens new version that fixes this, i go back to daisy (a good stable dock, but less effects), unless fancy tasks release new version

But, if you found another greater dock, tell me please ! loool

Bye - Jul 01 2011
Hi !

Im using Fancy Tasks as plasmoid, and i do not change action settings !

Bye - Jun 22 2011
Hi !

I Think that Fancy Tasks, after 2, 3 weeks, that the widget is so so buggy ! :-(

See the reported bugs in
A little list:

As you see, the list are so so long ... !

When you release a new version that fixes these bugs, and others ? - Jun 21 2011
Fancy tasks are so very, very good ! lool

I'm using Fedora 15 and KDE 4.6.3 :-)

But i discover a lot of bugs:
- i center the widget, and after a logoff / logon, it appears on the left edge

- if one lancher has a amount of tasks, when over it show these windows, and clicking in one window, do not focus this window, but ask again, showing a window list (without thumbnails), asking where you wish open !
Suposed if i click in one of these thumnails, it should focus this window

- in previows situation, in the windows list, if i choose cancel, it opens all the launchers !

- cannot resize the widget !

Bye - Jun 08 2011
Congratulations ! :-)
Thats a good job !

Yesterday i research in google to a dock similar to mac, and i found fancy tasks !

Its very, very good, and very similar to mac :-D - Jun 08 2011

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Jan 08 2013
hi !

The previows kpackagekit its so buggy, anda i opted by comand line ! :-)
But since Fedora 16, it has apper, that's a very good, i used it !

One question:
Is possible or planned, an option to see update logs, like after yum update ?? - Dec 13 2011
Small System Monitor Quad Core

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Jun 13 2011
Hi !

Its only to inform, that i release a new version of the Small System Monitor Quad Core ! :-)

Bye - Jun 09 2011
Hi !

I think that some systen monitor widgets are too biger, occupying the whole space ... ! :-(
When i tested sabayon, its is so many biger, thats also occupying the panel !

And i think, why not make these widgets smaller / compact ?
Its smaller, to may pack more widgets, with more spaces wwith the background, more beautiful ,,, !

At this time, i've seen ideias, and hands to work ... ! ;-)
Thank you for your comment and cheers !

- Apr 02 2010

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Aug 02 2009
yes, is a great and a fun theme ! lol

It is possible, invert text from black to white ? - Dec 14 2010