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jim thudays
Zenwalk Easter Eggs SVG

Wallpaper Other by zenwalker 1 comment

Your background is soo zen..
clap clap - Apr 16 2006

Wallpaper Other by KaczKa 1 comment

another one, part of a fluxbox theme: - Mar 13 2006
Gradient Slackware

Wallpaper Other by atomicpc 4 comments

you could post a screenshot, because your wallpaper is very very simple (you could name it 6 years old slackware...) - May 14 2004
Blue Ocean Gears Wallpaper

Beaches and Oceans by sbrown1038 2 comments

even if I'm not a kde user, I'll take this one.
it's...great !!! - May 11 2004
Blue Slackware

Wallpaper Other by voulg 5 comments

are you the author of this wallpaper ?
or did you take the green one and poorly change the hue ?
look at - May 06 2004

Wallpaper Other by 4457848 3 comments

i will not adjust my monitor for each wallpaper.
the screenshot is made for have a look at the wallpaper. it's not this way you will have a lot of downloads - Apr 17 2004

Wallpaper Other by 4457848 2 comments

but wallpaper is disappointing...
anyway it's hours of work, so hang on! - Apr 17 2004
KDE jewel

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by MART-IN 2 comments

respect !
(what soft did you use ?) - Apr 15 2004
Eighty Spoke

Wallpaper Other by xkxdxmx 4 comments

I hate cars either...Is this a car ? - Apr 15 2004
BrushedLinux, King Tux, and Deb Swirl

Wallpaper Other by jcook 11 comments

I thought the wallpapers here were made with The GIMP...
Are you running photoshop with wine ;))) - Apr 15 2004
NYC Subway - KDE Station Wallpaper

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by sbrown1038 6 comments

but where are the graffitis ? ;) - Apr 13 2004
tux watching your boss

Wallpaper Other by taiabati 1 comment

i like it, but i don't like "tux watching your keyboard"... ;-)
anyway thank you ! - Mar 18 2004
Andalusian Spring

Wallpaper Other by malandante 7 comments

Is it a spanish forum ? :) - Mar 18 2004