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Dirk Tempelhagen , Germany

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by sars
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May 20 2008
Thanks for your answer! I hope you have had a good start in 2009!

I used xsane for a long time and thats why I asked for pdf savings. There you can choose what type of output do you want.

Maybe another possibility is to use multiple tiff images for scanning a document with more then one page in one file.

After scanning I can use the cups-pdf printer for converting. :)

As long as there is now way to implement this in skanlite.

Multiple selection is also a great new function. I like to see whats going on with your app. - Jan 12 2009
Thanks for this wonderfull app.

Maybe you can add an option to save the scanned image as pdf?

Also an idea is to add some default settings for scanning, like:

- fax ( 150 dpi / greyscaling )
- pdf ( 300 dpi / grey or color )
- foto ( some special values for light, dpi, and so on ... )

These are some things I'm thinking about. Maybe it's possible.

But first of all, thanks for your time and making scanning possible with a native qt4 app! - Jan 06 2009