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by jlue
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Jun 27 2020
done, have fun :) - Jun 12 2020
I have fixed problems with the build pipeline, the "official" packages are working again and are ready for download:
- Jun 12 2020
Thanks shan :D - Aug 11 2019
Hi PoLoMoTo,
well the XFree86 dependency is kind of outdated, but it used be be obsoleted by the xorg/X11 package. The dependency-inheritance might have been thrown overboard by Fedora 24. Opensuse has done it as well, but they have a compatibility-package "xorg-x11-essentials" maybe something similar is available on fedora, too? Or try to install using --force or --nodeps? - Sep 13 2016
What Desktop are you using and which version? Gnome, right? Did you try to log out and in again? - Nov 30 2015
Merci beaucoup and sorry for the late reply.

Yes, that is an issue with the cursor design. However we have decided to stick to the original design and keep variations out of the official packages. But there are two good options for you, but they both require a custom cursor build:

a) The text- and crosshair cursors make use of a hairline with a special HAIRCOLOR. You could configure this to a color that matches your color theme.

b) Replace the text- and crosshair cursors with different ones, e.g. the files in the ComixCursors-NOHAIR-sources.tar.bz2, see the downloads above. These cursors don't use a hair-line but a solid text- and crosshair cursors.

As mentioned you need to download the cursor sources above and build your own theme, see the fiels README and INSTALL within the source package.

I did option b) with the 0.8.1 version, you can download them here: (german). Click on "Downloads" and choose one of the NOHAIR files. Let me know if you run into troubles.

Have fun. - Aug 23 2015
Sorry dude, as far as I know there is no way to get custom xcursors running under Mac OS X. But maybe there is by now, I am not into it. - Oct 29 2014

the xorg package obsoletes the XFree86 package since the beginnig, so it's correct to depend on that rather than the xorg package. Please install the package xorg-X11 on opensuse 13.1.

Jens - Jun 25 2014
Hey MaximusHD,
these are Linux cursors. If you are looking for windows cursors, you can find ports on by firstfooter (, teft ( and probably some others.
- Feb 04 2014
Hi there,

no, that's not a known issue to me, so thanks for reporting.
xorg/X11 cursors get used by the desktop environments (xfce, right?) by accessing their NAMEs or some hashes, which I don't know too much about. There have been some approaches to unify these cursor names, but I thinks there might be a difference between the cursors are named in the comixcursors package, and the names that are expected by xfce. There is an environment variable XCURSOR_DISCOVER, wich you can use to debug these cursor names, or you could try to file a bug/whishlist to your desktop developers. I'm afraid I can't help you any further, I'm not into xfce. Drop us a line though, If there are more cursor links or something we can implement to get to a seemless integration in xfce.


PS: You tried to log out and in again, right? - Nov 24 2013
do you see the small cusrsors only? Using gnome? Install a previous version prior to 0.8, there seems to be currently no "multisize" support under gnome. - Oct 21 2013
Oh boy, the sources are broken, also in the repository. I am working on a fix. - Oct 10 2013
I have tried that with gnome 3.8, but the cursors showed up nearly as expected. The only drawback was, that I could not choose the cursor size in the settings panel, and I suppose that's the problem. I could imagine that there is some hidden configuration setting, which stores the cursor size. Your stored size might differ from the ones available in the comixcursors package? That's just a guess.
So I recommend you to switch back to the 0.7.4 or 0.7.3 version. There is no difference in the cursors appearance, but a change in the build process and for the 0.8 version the switch to multisize cursors.
HTH - Oct 08 2013
OK, thanks for the report, investigating. Give me a little time though. - Oct 03 2013
no? It's rather the small versions, better suited for small screen resolutions.
The large ones are for people who need some extra visual feedback.
- Sep 23 2013
Oh, you're right. It's there now.
THanks - Sep 21 2013
Hi, that's probably your graphics driver, that handles the transparency of the cursors. You could try switching off hardware acceleration. - May 29 2013
Hi, I had a server crash, still recovering. The downloads will be up again later today.
THanks, Jens - Aug 06 2012
Hi Oliver,
OK, I'll introduce a build flag "NOHAIR" (or whatever) wich will use different text an cross cursors. Give me a little time to get that done. Drop me a mail for further files/attachments.
THanks Jens - Nov 26 2011
Hi Oliver,
thanks for you time and effort improving ComixCursors. I think that filing a bug against Ubuntus packages is definitely the wrong place for your suggestions. It is better discussed here on
I am aware of that problem. The text (and crosshair) cursors have a single "hair" line, which is invisible on a background of the same color. That is why there is a special tag for these two cursors, to have a special color which is supposed to stay visible in these situations. The black cursors make use of that, the "hair" lines are red.
So if the default set of cursors don't match your needs please go ahead and build your own set of cursors as described in the file INSTALL. Drop me a note if you experience any problems. And please close that bug report.
Have fun, Jens - Sep 09 2011
Well the download link is correct and working. It's a problem at your setup. You could try:
- check your network setup again
- replace with, wich should resolve to the same IP address
- check your DNS, is supposed to resolve to
- try to ping that IP
- check your provider for incorrect routing or similar
I'm afraid I can't help you much further than this :( - Oct 25 2010
Maybe your browser does not handle the download-redirecting to the actual download location on You might try a different browser? - Oct 25 2010
Hi gracca,
well you could, but if you want kind of batch process multiple themes you might want to proceed like the install-all script does: keep pairs of x.CONFIG and x.theme files in the ComixCursorConfigs subdirectory and issue ./install-all. This will loop through that directory looking for .CONFIG files, and try to build each of them.
Have fun. - Oct 12 2010
Hi aqeeliz,

thanks for the report. I just cannot reproduce this behaviour with kde 4.5.0. It looks like some or all cursor links are broken on your box, which may have occured while installing. Did you install through the systemsettings tool? Can you get me a list of files and links in the cursors directory?
Please drop me a mail for further debugging.

Thanks, have fun. - Aug 24 2010
Hi gracca,

sorry for the late reply. There's various ways to build a blue cursor theme. If you want to build the original blue theme you want to proceed as following (download, unpack and cd into the sources directory):

$ export THEMENAME=Blue-Large-Slim
$ ./bin/build-cursors
$ make
$ make install

If you want to create a custom cursor theme you want to proceed as following:

$ export THEMENAME=gracca
$ make custom-theme

Edit the files ComixCursorsConfigs/gracca.CONFIG and ComixCursorsConfigs/gracca.theme to your needs and then issue:

$ ./bin/build-cursors
$ make
$ make install

Your custom cursor theme name defaults to "Comix Cursor Custom".

HTH, have fun.
- Aug 24 2010
Hi Juhele,
thanks for the hint, I fixed the download link.
Have fun. - Aug 10 2010
Hey shantiq,
thanks, you need a tool called xcursorgen, it's part of the xorg/X11 distributions. This will create xorg/X11 cursors from image files like png, so you will have to convert your .cur files to regular images first. search for xcursorgen and you will find howtos as well.
Have fun. - Mar 28 2010
Yes, banshee and probably some other apps use the "hand1" cursor, which is not included in the ComixCursors theme, due to the naming convention (draft). I will get in contact with the banshee dev team, see what we can do.
Thanks for reporting. - Jan 06 2010
Sure you can. Download the .tar.bz2 packages, in KDE4 GOTO: systemsettings : keyboard and mouse : mouse : desing, press that button to install a new theme and select the downloaded file RETURN.
Have fun - Dec 14 2009
Hi there,
after googling for some time it seems to be a bug in compiz or glx/xgl drivers. Seems to be very complex and under heavy development. Some had success setting:

Option "SWCursor" "off"

in xorg.conf ... Maybe you can get an updated version for your distribution? - Nov 02 2009
Hi FredWP,
yes that is possible and X11 mouse cursors are actually ment to be combined like that. And it is possible to do this in gnome, but not in KDE - so I could not implement it. - Oct 09 2009
sorry for the late reply: yes confirmed. Will upload an update as soon as possible. Thanks for reporting. - Oct 06 2009
Hi deathknight,
yes, X11/xorg cursors (we're not talking about KDE or GTK) are ment to support multiple resolutions. That's AFAIR basically combinig different sized cursor images in one cursor file. My tests showed, that this worked in Gnome-, but not in KDE implementation. No significant difference in performance or usability IMHO. Conclusion: skip this approach.
And for the vector-cursors: yes, maybe it's time someone writes an xorg hook, that generates the cursor bitmaps from svg files on xorg startup. Might take one or two more seconds when the UI comes up...
Have fun.
- Jul 17 2009
Thanks for the hint, it's fixed now. - Jun 21 2009
Hi Chez,
yes there is: create you own custom cursor set. Download the source package and read README and INSTALL. The easiest way might be to make the shadow transparent with editing the file "CONFIG" to read "SHADOWTRANS=1.0". issue "./install.bash" to generate and install it.
Have fun.
- Nov 12 2008
Oh well, there is an update pending that fixes some firefox cursor hashes... stay tuned. - Aug 18 2008
Hey there,
yes, there is a cursor for that, the "progress" one. What's your setup, gnome? Anything special like compiz or similar? When (clicking/hovering where?) does it happen?
- Aug 14 2008
Hey there,
yes, ComixCursors is a mouse theme for linux.
You can get some of the Cursors for windows - actually for CursorXP - from firstfooter @ deviantart:
As written above teft is currently workin on converting them to native windows cursors, read the description.
Have fun - May 31 2008
Hey there,

I don't have a solution for your case but some more hints:
- You are using a quadro card, you might try messing with the UBB Option.
- More recent nvidia README:, chapter 23 is called "Using the X Composite Extension". Relevant Options seem to be "DamageEvents", "DisableGLXRootClipping", ...
- Appendix B is about options.

... sorry, no more help from here ... - Jan 11 2008
Hey schraubhuber,

I can't accept you switching to another mouse theme :-) . There is an option for the "hair" lines (wich is e.g. the vertical line in the text-input cursor) to have a different color.
The black cursors make use of this, their hair lines are red.
So if this is an option for you please:

- have inkscape and ImageMagick installed
- download the sources
- unpack them and cd into the base folder
- configure the file CONFIG to read: HAIR="#ff0000"
- configure other options in the files CONFIG and index.theme
- issue: "sh install.bash"

and select your custom mouse theme with a red hair color.

Have fun

- Jan 10 2008
Hey there,

here is a list of nvidia driver options:

The "CursorShadow" is off by default, so this will not help you.

Maybe this Option helps with "HWCursor" enabled:
Option "CursorShadowAlpha" "0"

If so, please reply here so others can make use of it.

Have fun. - Jan 10 2008
Hey sensatul,
here's my howto:

You need to install the cursors first:
- Download the right- (or left-) handed rpm "ComixCursors-0.5.0-1.noarch.rpm", save it to your Desktop.
- Right-click it and install it by choosing "open with 'install software'" or similar.
- OR install it from a terminal by typing "rpm -Uv ~/Desktop/ComixCursors-0.5.0-1.noarch.rpm" .
- Open a terminal (choose it fro the start-menu or press ALTT-F2 and type 'xterm') and open the mouse properties dialog by typing "gnome-mouse-properties".
- Choose your preferred theme there. You will have to log out and in again to make full use of it.

If you want to download cursor themes as .tar.bz2 or .tar.gz files, you will have to unpack them, not install them:
- Download "ComixCursors-0.5.0.tar.bz2" to your Desktop.
- Open a terminal and type:
cd ~
mkdir -p .icons
cd .icons
tar -xjvf ~/Desktop/ComixCursors-0.5.0.tar.bz2
- That's for the per-user installation. Choose your preferred theme as above.

For system wide installation you would need to get root first and unpack the files in /usr/share/icons .

Have fun.
- Nov 02 2007
You say you are running "gnome-mouse-properties" (running gnome, right?) and don't have the "pointers" tab to choose your theme? You gnome must be broken. Best place to report the problem would be the ubuntu forums.
Read on this thread page 10 how to configure the mouse theme "by hand".
HTH - Nov 01 2007
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Cursors 31 comments

by jlue
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Jun 27 2020
done, have fun. :) - Jun 12 2020
I have fixed problems with the build pipeline, the "official" packages are working again and are ready for download: - Jun 12 2020
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No shadows? - Apr 18 2015

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Love it! - Apr 09 2015
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Yes!! Great Job! - Apr 02 2014
That is some decent work! I would love to also have a teamviewer and an eclipse icon. - Apr 02 2014
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very cool, thanks! - Jul 29 2008
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Jun 15 2020
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