Utilities by jmiahman 11 comments

Hey, If you're familiar with QT Designer then I am more then willing to take a look at your designs. I'll give credit where it's due! - Jul 27 2007

Utilities by jmiahman 11 comments

Well if it's your default IconSet then you should be set ;) - Jul 27 2007

Utilities by jmiahman 11 comments

I'm just calling a name to the Icon not the actual icon in the Desktop file. Whatever the default theme is it should be using that Icon. So you must have tango installed for it to be using a Tango Icon. - Jul 17 2007

Utilities by jmiahman 11 comments

I'll do my best. Like I said, I'm by any means no pro. - Jul 14 2007
X.org Setup

System Software by darkstarlinuxro 48 comments

It would be nice if you would write something that would not depend on a certian distributions tools. All you're benefiting is OpenSuse and not Linux users as a whole. It seems counter productive. - May 27 2007

System Software by dsvilko 44 comments

You've already doomed the application by giving it a similar named to an existing doomed application. Maybe you should have called it NetPault or BReh! - May 27 2007
KDM-Drops - changeable logo

KDM3 Themes by johngreenwood 8 comments

What about PCLinuxOS it's one of the Top 5. - Mar 29 2007
colourfull pclinuxos logo

Icon Sub-Sets by DidouPh 5 comments

This is Quality Stuff, Keep it coming, you're doing a great Job! - Mar 27 2007
PCLinuxOS Abstract Landscape

Landscapes by zaniah 2 comments

This is good stuff PLEASE keep stuff coming with this type of quality. - Mar 27 2007
Apple iphone

Wallpaper Other by kosarajudeepak 9 comments

Can this be removed it seems to be more of a advertisement then a true wallpaper entry. - Feb 09 2007

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by freddyp12 1 comment

Keep them Coming! - Feb 09 2007
This Spring

KDM3 Themes by jmiahman 14 comments

That's funny once the author started complaing they took it off there page.No there no more. - Aug 11 2006
KDE Pro II Normal

Full Icon Themes by RedHyena 36 comments

You have a great Icon set and I Love the fact it's SVG. However I think the action Icons need to be worked on maybe rounded or something ofr me they seem to look out of place. Of course I'm just one person with one opinion so you don't have to listen to me, but it is a great set! - May 16 2006

XFCE/XFWM4 Themes by cimi86 3 comments

Where did You get these Icons they're great I would Love to get a theme for KDE Like this for Some of my heavier Machines. - Apr 29 2006

Utilities by StefanT 175 comments

This program is awesome but in my opinion would be even better if it did CD Labels. And then you could even improve that by having it be able to use the common fellowes cd labels you could buy at the store. I haven't seen a linux program be able to do that yet, I'm sure it would make your quite popular. - Apr 27 2006
Some more SVG Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by arenyart 9 comments

I think both projects are great and should be integrated together that's why I donated $10 I know it's not much but I hope it gets the ball rolling for others. Go on now.. For the Wifey! - Apr 25 2006
brushed exuberance

Amarok Themes by camico 7 comments

This is great. I am going to have to edit the text though so it's blue. - Mar 09 2006

Wallpaper Other by paiuolo 18 comments

There's no accounting for tastes.

Yes True but there is accountibility for Quality! Please Don't think speaking in latin is somehow covering up a poor excuse! - Mar 02 2006
PCLinuxOS - Phoenix 1280

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by ocilent1 8 comments

Boy you're quick aren't you. It's actually not a copy however because a copy would be the exact same thing and this picture as a whole isn't exact - Mar 01 2006
PCLinuxOS - Phoenix 1280

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by ocilent1 8 comments

Pretty Cool Back ground but I hope this isn't taking away from your kernel dev time :) - Mar 01 2006
Brushed Metal Blue for amaroK

Amarok Themes by BCMM 6 comments

This is Awesome Thank you! - Feb 17 2006

Kbfx Startmenu by Oldlucky 3 comments

Thank you~! - Feb 16 2006
3rd Armoured Calvary Regiment

Icon Sub-Sets by Muldoon502 2 comments

Where's the 2nd ACR Patch? - Feb 12 2006
Cg Screwdriver

Wallpaper Other by crazybananas 4 comments

Great Job I want to make a recovery Live cd now and use that as my background. No to only figure out how to do that! - Feb 09 2006
PCLinuxOS - Beyond the Arauca

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by jrangel 4 comments

Pretty Cool Man - Feb 08 2006

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by dralgebra 541 comments

Is there a way instead of Having the WinDec be clear, to add our own background. The same concept that you can do with kicker. - Feb 07 2006
PCLinuxOS - Back-in-black 1280

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by ocilent1 3 comments

Very Cool! - Feb 07 2006
PCLinuxOS Bliss edit

Wallpapers PCLinuxOS by crumbut 4 comments

Hey bud you need to post a preview pic otherwise people will be to lazy to check out the bigger pic! - Feb 04 2006
a linux whore

Wallpaper Other by KNuDDeL 6 comments

Man this isn't windows you don't have to sell yourself to be able to get the next release. I understand though once you're in that type of lifestyle it's hard to get out. - Jan 29 2006
Linspire Clear for DeKorator

deKorator Themes by 18volt 23 comments

I assume you're a christian with all the cross stuff. You're really giving the rest of us a bad rep. Please istead of asuming something as the author if you're so worried about copyright. The the problem with Christians like yourself you cast judgement before actually knowing the truth. That kills any ministry the rest of us might of had and everyone assumes every Christian is that way. Please if you're going to use a cross and a link to tracks be a good witness. Accusing someone of a false wrong is lieing. - Jan 26 2006
KDE Reloaded

Kbfx Startmenu by crashoverridev 7 comments

I gave a negative rating because it's pretty ugly, just my opinion however. If anyone else gave a negative rating please post why. - Jan 24 2006
Bliss Mood (Moodin Splash Screen)

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by gruszek 6 comments

Well said! - Jan 22 2006

KDM3 Themes by Firehand 3 comments

I would actually Like on with the PcLinuxOs Icon and I'm really to lazy to edit my own theme just seeing if maybe you could do it. - Jan 20 2006
Brushed Blue MetaBar Theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by jmiahman 10 comments

Not at all got for it! - Jan 18 2006
PCLinuxOS p92 Mooding Splash ExperienceIII

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by cmost 6 comments

You didn't offend me actually I am more then happy that you made a theme for PCLinuxOs That's pretty awesome. I was just giving you a hard time as a fellow PcLinuxOS User and giving you a future Idea if it's ever possible yu might find something I didn't. You're right it would be cool. Have a great day! - Jan 17 2006
PCLinuxOS p92 Mooding Splash ExperienceIII

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by cmost 6 comments

I was going to do something on mine like having the spinwheel turn and after trying many things I learned that moodin just wasn't advanced enough yet I even worte the devel about the program but he never got back with me so I through together a very plain one and said hey it matches and that is why there is a what you would say boring splash screen,because moodin is just to simple for my liking at least until the dev gets back with me to prove me wrong. - Jan 15 2006
Brushed Blue MetaBar Theme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by jmiahman 10 comments

If you gave a negative rating please post why so If I can fix it then I will. - Dec 26 2005
Kbfx Mockup ALPHA 0.1

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by bmagera91 28 comments

Why I don't run windows because there kernel sucks compared to the Linux kernel and their software is overrated and over price. So I want the look and feel of windows so I have to deal with all there issue when I could make something stable like linux have the great (in my opinion) look of windows and the security and stability of linux. Why would I run Windows, there's a ton of people out there like me who are scared away from Linux because it doesn't look pretty. Do you windows just through together the look of vista or do you think maybe they did some research to make sure it was visually pleasing. What you should be asking is, is this functional and how can I give suggestions to make it so. - Dec 23 2005
Kbfx Mockup ALPHA 0.1

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by bmagera91 28 comments

My point is I'm just tire of hearing well it looks like windows so let's not do it. Just because Microsoft sucks doesn't mean everything they've done has been a complete failure. maybe instead of complaining give some constructive Ideas if a vista like theme is what he wants to go with give him some ideas on improving it. - Dec 23 2005
Kbfx Mockup ALPHA 0.1

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by bmagera91 28 comments

You're typing, You're typing and your point is? Is there a Problem with that. My windows uses an X to close it out, OH no it looks like windows maybe I should use a triangle. Linux Zealots do so much for the good of linux let's all go back to the command line. - Dec 23 2005
This Spring

KDM3 Themes by jmiahman 14 comments

More like Microsoft borrowed it from the Author if you've tracked this at all the author wasn't to happy about it. - Dec 19 2005
This Spring

KDM3 Themes by jmiahman 14 comments

If you still want it I will make it. - Dec 19 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by Phytonix 48 comments

Sometimes it's not best to say things. When a release has any hint of a .99 in it common sense (in the Linux world) tells you it's not complete or a beta of some sort. The fact that this person took the time out to make any Icons is a wonderful thing and you have the audacity to complain because a beta release doesn't fit your needs. Good luck in the real world! - Dec 19 2005
SUSE Leaves

Wallpaper Other by vly 15 comments

Please bless us with a non suse version, love your stuff. Thanks - Dec 08 2005
Crystal Blue KBFX bartheme

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by lordmaxxon 9 comments

Nice I Like it - Nov 21 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

What nuclear Attacks I've been there haven't seen any. Maybe you should not educate yourself with propganda. Unless you've seen it yourself, which you haven't because you would be dead. I could go and say the same thing about the DU that was on the Iraqi, Iran border. Pretty much whatever country out there that has a miltary you could complain about DU, it comes from tanks. Most likely the radiation from the monitor your looking at is affecting you more then the DU you're worring about in which you have no evidence to back up your clami except FUD and I could guantee it is FUD. Get over yourself you're on a Forum for KDE not politics today. Go read your propaganda. Either you like the pic or not vote and go away. - Nov 15 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

Is that the deescalting you're talking about. Maybe actually go out of your bounds for once and do something with your life that impacts people in a positive since. Even if it is fighting for something you bleieve in or is fighting to old fashion also. No matter what we fight wars and always will whether it's a war inside you against a war, a war of words, or a war that takes lives it's all either detrimental to someone or positive it's your attitude that is the ultimate factor. A War is a war, words can be just as piecing as bullets and have even longer effects. - Nov 15 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

And Politics has done so well. If anything politics is why we have wars. You might feel fighting is "old fashioned" but so are civilations that still treat women like property and guess what they still exist. Just because you think some way doesn't mean that's the way it is. - Nov 15 2005
General Dynamics F-16

Wallpaper Other by riverraid 30 comments

You all seem like whiny little uneducated people. Yeah war is bad but most likely it lead to the country you live in today. War allowed for the freedoms most coutries have and history goes to show you can't have peace without war. Most of you don't even know what war is let alone fought for something worth while in your own lives. It's a great plane thank you for your post. To everyone else have a fun time flaming me! - Nov 15 2005
Kbfx - Menu Improvement (Mockup) Opinion

Kbfx Startmenu by nookie 43 comments

I really Like this if you had it to Use I would be using it, - Nov 08 2005