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Michal Jurczuk BiaƂystok, Poland
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Aug 02 2011
I really don't know why it doesn't work for you, maybe it didn't download all file? I uploaded new version with md5sum checks, so try this one. - Jul 08 2010
Hmmm, program already contains all needed iconsets, and it should automatically generate all icons. You don't have to download any new icons. Write exactly what you do (step by step), maybe it is some bug... - Jul 07 2010
Thanks, I just uploaded .deb file for Ubuntu:) - Jul 06 2010
I never heard about your program, but my icoGEN is much better:P - Jun 19 2010

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May 20 2010
I created similar and probably much better program icoGEN, look here:
- Jun 19 2010