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john brun
xp kdm-theme

KDM3 Themes by mfriedrichs 31 comments

So, you add this theme and trick a user into believing he/she has windows XP. Wouldn't you want to be there when they tell other windows users..."no, my system never crashes!" Priceless.... - Mar 16 2006

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by blacksheepSBG 13 comments

You look at an item in the store, it has a brand logo on it, but you decide to buy it. Are we letting them advertise? You know, companies would not put those logos on, if consumers didn't buy them.

I say, hurray for big corporations. Its companies like Nvidia, MSI, Intel, AMD, etc, that makes my computer world hum....

John the mouse. - Mar 13 2006
Nvidia Geforce

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by blacksheepSBG 5 comments

Evil big corporations are why you have a computer to put things on. Just because they desire a profit, doesn't mean they're bad.

I like this splash. Voting good. - Mar 07 2006