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Jakob Petsovits Toronto, Canada
Okular 7zip support - Idea

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by echoes 9 comments

I think you mean Ark, not Okular, don't you?

Anyways, this is not an idea that belongs to - it's a plain feature request that would be better off on where the developer(s?) can find and track it more efficiently.

Please don't use as a feature request system, because it's not supposed to be one. - Mar 31 2009
Kontact improvement

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by d3f3nd3r 5 comments

KDE-Apps is a place for content that is supposed to be consumed by users, whereas it doesn't play a noticable role in the development of core KDE projects like KDE-PIM.

As a consequence, feature requests like this one should go into the issue tracker at, not here. If you post this on KDE-Apps, chances are good that
1. the developers don't get to see this at all, and even if they do,
2. a page like this is not suited to keep track of the status of this feature, so it will likely be forgotten by the devs.

Please contribute your idea using the standard facilities at so that it has the chance to make an actual impact. Thanks! - Apr 30 2008

Utilities by zzzzzz 7 comments

Nice software released at the right time! That sounds like an impossible breakthrough, and will definitely turn the scientic community's world view upside down.

KDE should be grateful to have the world's brightest heads amongst its developers! - Apr 01 2008

Kopete Styles by jpetso 3 comments

Thanks! Nevertheless, if you're using IRC more intensively then Kopete doesn't hold up to Konversation which really is the definite IRC client. - Feb 22 2007

Education Apps by danap 4 comments

So... in which way is this application related to KDE (other than being able to run on it) in order to be on Is it somehow integrated with other programs or the desktop itself? Does it ship a Qt look&feel? Anything else, maybe?

If not, then this application is not suitable for, and should be removed. (regardless of its quality, which may be just fine.) - Dec 08 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

Erm, you know... we are using SVG.
All of the icons are developed with and available in SVG format, and afterwards transformed to PNG with Inkscape.

You're right, many of the icons don't perfectly scale down to 16x16, but using SVG obviously doesn't help in this case. We'd rather need specialized lo-res versions of the SVG files, but currently lack the infrastructure to incorporate different source files into the same icon set.

The reason that we're still distributing the icons as PNG is the lacking SVG icon engine of KDE 3. Anyways, I really need to provide a tarball with the SVG files here, otherwise many people won't notice that this is in fact a real SVG theme. - Oct 10 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

I don't know what BerliOS is messing up so that the forum goes up and down all of the time. Obviously, it's not an error on our side, so I won't bother anymore with the forum being down or not - and hey, we got this comment section as well, so...

However, the forum has little to do with the rest of our home page. It seems the whole BerliOS site is down at the moment, which is baaad...
but I'm sure they'll work it out, like get some more equipment and stuff, and then you can download the theme like always, with the download links on this page or on the downloads page on the Lila site. - Apr 27 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

hm... this is not good.
I really hope this is a transient error, because I have little knowledge about how the forum works and how to fix it in case it's broken :(

...rezza, 9-speed, where are you! - Apr 23 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

Right, that should be a BerliOS problem. I experienced that one a couple of times already, although I think those didn't last too long. Let's try again tomorrow and see if the forums work again then. - Apr 19 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

Right, I know that the "ham" and "spam" ones are missing, although I haven't investigated yet what their names are (they're application specific icons and more difficult to retrieve, but I'll work it out).

Adding icons is work in progress, I'll see what I can do for those you mentioned. - Apr 18 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

We currently don't have a green set, although more colors would certainly be cool. (I'd really like to have orange and crystal color mods.)

If you'd like to help create a green mod, please contact me by mail and I'll explain how to do it. (Creating a color mod is essentially just editing a text file containing the colors, the more difficult part is only getting the icons and the svgutils from the development repository to be able to generate the mod.) - Apr 18 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

thanks very much, maybe I won't have to deprecate the Gentoo ebuilds after all! I uploaded a new overlay, updated the liladdiction script so that it could possibly work, and tried to make a proper signature (which at least verifies on my system).

Could you please check if the liladdiction script works now and if the signature verifies? I can't do the first anymore because I switched to Kubuntu and I'm not sure if I did signing the right way.

Thanks for your help, let's keep the ebuilds going! - Mar 13 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

:-D - Mar 12 2006
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

thanks, I'm glad you like them! - Mar 12 2006

System Software by karye 120 comments

Despite of having moved away from Gentoo, I love to see Kuroo get so much better, especially in respect to the user interface. Amazing work, karye! - Feb 07 2006
He likes KDE

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by oscarello 15 comments

It's as great as it's trashy ;-)
Seriously, I can't understand the low score, this is a totally classy joke.

But do remember that KDE improvements are also listed on, which might not be what you want. - Jan 30 2006

Network by ivanfor 12 comments

> Are you taking part of it?? What's
> (in your opinion) the best way to
> get in touch with the project?

I'm not into the Solid project, but I had the opportunity to work on KDevelop4's Java support since September 05. I introduced myself over the mailing list and was lucky enough to be supported by Roberto Raggi and Adam Treat when I needed help or explanations.

IRC (#solid) is not a bad way too, if the respective people are online and get to see your request in bearable time ;-) Remember to prefix your IRC message with the name of the one that you want to talk to, so that his IRC client flashes ("jpetso: hello!").

If you want to be prepared well before approaching the developers, it's always a good idea to get the source code that you're interested in from KDE's anonymous SVN server and see what it looks like. That way, you can not only learn about the current code, but also see in which style new code (e.g. by you) should be written in.

> The problem is that I don't really
> know if I will be usefull as I'm a
> quite newbie (1,5 years old) Linux
> (Debian only) user and, of course,
> developpr. SWScanner is my first GUI
> application which I mainly developed
> in 3 months. I'm sure lots of lines
> of code could be improved by
> experts.

That's what I'm thinking all the time. In case you're not sure about your code, it's always a good idea to send the corresponding patches to the mailing list (one patch for one purpose, using svn diff) and let the more experienced developers comment on it. At least, that's what I do, and you will have to do one or two patches anyways before someone tells you to get a developer SVN account.

Also a good thing to do is checking out the documents at, most notably . You're getting more confident over time, believe me.

For the Solid project itself, there is a general page about getting involved with it at and a wiki page with available tasks at . When you feel like it, just approach Kévin Ottens (the main Solid developer) by mailing list or over IRC (where he's named ervin) and ask him for guidance.

And remember: if some remarks sound cold, they mostly do so because the developers don't take too much time to polish their phrasings, and they almost never want to critisize you personally. Quite the opposite - even if KDE as a whole is doing well, there are only one or a few developers per project who make for success or failure of it. (Unless you got some real lucky project, like Amarok.) So there's definitely the need for anyone who wants to help out.

Good luck,
Jakob - Jan 17 2006

Network by ivanfor 12 comments

KDE definitely needs applications like this one. That said, have you maybe thought of working together with the Solid team (at, bringing in your skills and code in order to create the KDE4 networking backend?

Kévin Ottens is doing a good job, but he really needs people like you who are experienced with (wireless) networks and contribute to the common device library, making it easy for any KDE application to gather and use the data that your application can already retrieve. - Jan 11 2006
konqkonv - easy KDE DVD/VCD mpg creator

Dolphin Service Menus by danboid 14 comments

wow! This is cool.

Now if only someone would integrate
all these available tools into one tool for converting back and forth between DVDs/VCDs/AVIs, it would make the whole thing accessible for people who are not able or don't want to get 5 different pieces of software from kde-apps.

It won't be too long, I think... - Jan 05 2006
Lila Splash Screen

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by jpetso 5 comments

Yeah, maybe a top-section logo would be a cool idea. However, I browsed all the Lila icons to see if I can find one that fits, and I didn't. The KDE Logo wouldn't be such a bad idea, but it's already used as rightmost flashing icon, I don't want to duplicate it.

We really lack a Lila logo. Any other good ideas which icon to place there? - Dec 29 2005
KDE Br 3.4

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Luck 4 comments

this splash screen is great. finally a splash which is beautiful and using standard colors, icons and ideas at the same time. I like it. - Dec 21 2005

Video Apps by TOD 4 comments

Oh my god, Benjamin Meyer was right! This might not be the exact equivalent of what he predicted here: but maybe he's got a point in saying KDE still needs a movie manager. - Nov 23 2005
I agree. If you could additionally handle use cases like "make a DVD out of every video format supported by [backend programs] (e.g. avi, wmv, ...)" you would be The King Himself. The only thing I find kind of sad is that your programs are seperate ones and not integrated into K3b, where I think they would really belong (and you all know, DVD video support in K3b is _really bad_). But the very concept of Kommander applications doesn't fit into that very well, so there's no use in wishing, is it? - Nov 10 2005
move mouse to default button

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 18 comments

oh man. next time, I'll post with Firefox. It seems it doesn't work in Ubuntu when it worked in Gentoo. - Oct 31 2005
move mouse to default button

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 18 comments

> gentoo IS about compiling No it's not. It's about configurability, letting the user specify what he wants. Compiling the software from source following useflags is the way to achieve this. > KDE is also configurable because not everyone is the same > (as the gnomes seem to think). i like to have it work my way, > not the developers way, thank you. I guess this fits in category 2 then (the options are really necessary for a good user experience). The gnomes removed some necessary configuration stuff too, which is of course not the ideal way either. > first, it is utterly bullshit options clutter anything. > they barely make software slower, and, if well laid out/ hidden > behind an advanced button, they don't clutter an interface. in principle, i agree with you here. but, if you have a look at KControl you'll find that many of the (countless) useful options in there are side by side with the ones you hardly use. Of course having different option levels (beginner, advanced, expert) is great, but on the other hand: look how "well" it is done in the real world, and naturally every additional option makes it harder for the developers to get it right. I'm not requesting to go down to the GNOME level (eek), just to leave out unnecessary options. > mostly because [the developers] are not the ppl who should decide > something is 'unnecessary'. the users should decide that. Right, but who are the users? The ones who linger at kde-look and shout out loud to customize everything? What about the ones getting KDE provided in their work, by their system administrator, the ones who wouldn't even think of coming here? The thing is that it's difficult to know who "the users" are and what they want. If you let "the users" on kde-look have their way, you might distract other ones. So I really do think that it should be up to the developer to decide who the users are and what they need (or maybe get feedback from usability people, like Celeste who once was quoted here speaking against this specific option). And always remember that developers are users too. And as I said, if you want "the users" to decide, please have a look at the good/bad score percentage bar. - Oct 31 2005

KDE 3.5 Themes by MaxAuthority 25 comments

very clean. like I would expect from you.
...and before someone dares to ask: he is using the Ion3 window manager.

sorry, I couldn't resist ;-) - Oct 24 2005
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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by zvonSully 18 comments

KDE is as much about configurability as Gentoo is about compiling anything that moves. Not at all, namely.

KDE is configurable because
1. no one thought of keeping it simple, or (in other cases)
2. the options are really necessary for a good user experience.

Every option that you're adding increases complexity, so you have to add options with care or you'll end up with software that you can't understand anymore because they're so complex. KDE is also about efficiency and a good workflow, so they are currently cleaning out unnecessary options.

It is a sign for good software if it rejects the proposals that don't bring a good usefullness vs. complexity ratio with them. As you can clearly see at the good/bad percentage, this one is such a feature, most people think similar as I do, and I love KDE for being consequent enough to not integrate every possible feature that you could think of. - Oct 23 2005

Various Games by AlterX 10 comments

I guess you know that drawing the Lotto numbers is a process which is completely random?

So, you may have the best thought out systems, archives and all, but in practice it's all the same because any combination of numbers has exactly the same probability as any other one... - Oct 19 2005

Various KDE Stuff by jriddell 25 comments

What's the situation with KDE 3.5? Will it be available as an update within Breezy or do we have to wait for Dapper Drake? (Issues like this keep me staying with Gentoo, but my mother's new laptop will certainly get the new Kubuntu, which I find is a great thing...) - Oct 13 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by scaba 9 comments

oops, I hit the wrong link for replying - it's no child post of this one now. anyway, see further down for an answer why I think we should keep the document backgrounds. - Sep 29 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by scaba 9 comments

The document background is indicating that the icon is not an application, action, or device, but a mimetype, a document. Other icon themes also use this approach to distinguish between applications and files, so Lila is no exception to this.

Lila does not need to have effects applied to them which make the icons monochrome, because they can natively be converted into such, which would be a color mod. This is possible for SVG files and being worked on. (at least, to some degree. I know the color mods for lila-gnome are slightly outdated, but there is a white color mod, which only has to be a little more refined to make everything just black and white.)

I guess if you've got the shapes from inside too, like it is in the color mod, then you don't need an extra conversion doing it wrong by just looking at transparency. - Sep 29 2005
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

Just wanted to say that now there is a fine USB icon in the set. It's included since v0.8.1. - Sep 27 2005
Crystal Kubuntu

Icon Sub-Sets by goldenboy 3 comments

yeah, exactly. looks quite as funny as I thought it would :)
Thanks for pointing it out, maybe I can use it. - Jun 10 2005
Crystal Kubuntu

Icon Sub-Sets by goldenboy 3 comments

The Gentoo g in Crystal style... that's interesting to imagine. - Jun 09 2005
Final Fantasy VIII

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by kerokid 4 comments

by the way, you did read the sentence "I ensure that this content does not violate any existing copyright, law or trademark." that you have to check before uploading, did you?

Anyways, you're not doing any good to the community with this. - Jun 08 2005
Final Fantasy VIII

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by kerokid 4 comments

And another submission with GPL as license where it can't be GPL'd. You know, theoretically you can get sued for releasing commercially copyrighted pictures under the GPL. - Jun 08 2005
Lila icon set

Icon Sub-Sets by jpetso 31 comments

> Only thing I would do is change the USB Device icons.
> the ones that come up for me when switching to your
> icon set look like the ones from another popular icons-set.

Maybe the other popular icon set is Crystal, which is the fallback from KDE? ;-) Anyways, the USB device icons will definitely look different once we have any USB device icons at all - until the, you'll see standard KDE icons anywhere where our theme lacks them. - Apr 28 2005

Tactics & Strategy by kleag 82 comments

wow. I really thought the project was dead. glad to see it's not. - Mar 04 2005