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Jonathan Steinbeck , Germany
blacklin Icons [Preview]

Full Icon Themes by jsnk 12 comments

Hi and thanks!

I was rather busy the last weeks but I will put some work into this project this week.

Be aware that this is still unfinished which results in it having "Preview" in the title and version number. This is because some major icons are yet to be done. I hope it will cover nearly all the icons of a typical Gnome desktop in like 1-2 months.

Anyway, enjoy!

- Jul 01 2008
blacklin Icons [Preview]

Full Icon Themes by jsnk 12 comments

Thanks Robert, appreciate it! :D

The folder icon was actually inspired by black-white neon icon theme. I didn't know that "neon" was an icon theme for Mac OS X. You have sharp eyes, haha.

Yeah, make a SlicknesS blacklin theme, that would be so cool. :D Lets make a whole theme for Gnome, by whole I mean a .deb or .rpm package with Icons, GTK theme, metacity theme, usplash, and GDM. ^^
I somehow like green, I know many people dislike green, but I think it can be kinda cool. When this is finished I'd like to make a blue version also. :P

Btw: I am the kind of guy who always tries out many new themes but who is not satisfied with most of them. But SlicknesS Black is a theme I am always coming back to, hehe.

Have a nice day also!

~ JS
- Jun 12 2008
blacklin Icons [Preview]

Full Icon Themes by jsnk 12 comments

Hi. I use them with SlicknesS Black which I think is a really cool gtk theme.

Maybe I will make a green version of SlicknesS or a new fitting theme after I finish the basics of this icon theme. But that will take some time since I never made a gtk theme before (same with this icon theme, btw.). - Jun 12 2008
The Night and the Silent Water

Wallpaper Other by jsnk 2 comments

Yes, I shot it myself, but it's photoshopped (or schould I say: gimped? ;) ). Glad you like it. - Aug 11 2007
Alice in Wonderland - A Cheshire Cat

Wallpaper Other by vladstudio 3 comments

I really dig your drawing style, Vlad. Good work. - Mar 06 2007

Wallpaper Other by jsnk 4 comments


I've never tried to make a splash theme before. Is it difficult? ^^' - Mar 05 2007

Wallpaper Other by jsnk 3 comments

Thanks for your comments.

I will try to fix the horizon.

Actually this image is made out of this photo I shot:

- Feb 05 2007