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Aug 20 2015
The repo is here:

If you're not able to push to it, just email me the git patches, and we can take care of it that way.

Maintenance shouldn't seem too involved for someone who's interested in the app: just the usual bug reports and feature requests. And I already did a big chunk of the work getting it ported to KF5, including some breeze style icons. See the "frameworks" branch.

It's nice to know someone is at least tempted to take over maintenance. Feel free to send me an email if you want to discuss it further. - Mar 07 2016

I began porting it about a week ago now that kde 5 is making its way into Debian. It's progressing well so far, but I have to wait for the rest of the packages to appear in Debian before I can finish up and do some proper testing. - Jul 07 2015
I guess that would be possible, but someone else would have to take over and do it.

It's been a couple of years since I've had the motivation to work on the project anymore. - Feb 08 2015
Yes, it would be useful. But there's a couple of things getting in the way.

The first is personal. I've finally come to admit that I'm just not interested in KNemo anymore. I'm willing to do bugfixes, but not add new features. To that end, I'm going to do a release in a couple of weeks to take care of one last minor request and then see if anyone wants to adopt the program.

The second is technical. Right now the statistics/accounting side of KNemo gets the most feature requests. People want it to limit traffic accounting to a specific wireless network (like you do), or offer a breakdown of traffic by connections (work, home, ...), or exclude specific IP ranges from accounting, etc.

KNemo COULD only log traffic when connected to a specific wireless network but it would only know about traffic that happened during the session. If you log out and download a large file from a console, KNemo won't know about it. It would tend to underreport traffic. As an X based program running with ordinary privileges, it's just not the right solution for anything beyond basic traffic logging.

I tried to get around some of this by having KNemo check vnstat's logs on startup. That way it can catch up with traffic that went over the interface since the last time you logged in. But vnstat only logs by interface, so we can't get any more detailed info from that.

A better solution would be for a kind of supercharged vnstat--maybe a daemon that listens for network connection changes via D-Bus? It could log the info that people want, it'd be more accurate than KNemo, and it wouldn't suffer the limitations that KNemo has. And then any app could poll it.

Unless I'm missing something, it doesn't look like the current vnstat, darkstat, ntop, etc. would do all that'd be needed. Someone might need to write something new, but it's not going to be me :) - Jul 16 2013
You're right. I dropped the ball on that.

I'm working on it right now, and I'll PM you when I have something for you to test. - Jul 10 2013
Not through KNemo.

The network traffic dialog uses KDE's signal plotter. And as far as I know, that can only be set through the "View Background" color in KDE's System Settings. - Mar 12 2013
That sounds reasonable. I'll look into it.

It won't be ready in time for 0.7.6, which will be out in a few days. You can expect it in 0.7.7. - Nov 28 2012
I think I see what's happening. A new release will happen in about 2-3 weeks after I work on a few other things.

For now, close KNemo. In knemorc under the Plotter_* group, delete the MinimumValue & MaximumValue entries. Then restart. That should bring back the original auto range behavior. - Nov 12 2012
I don't know what's causing the problem or exactly what it looks like -- haven't run across anything like it, and Debian successfully uploaded 0.7.4 to experimental.

Would you email me the full console output starting with the cmake command? That might give us some clues. Also, you mentioned multiarch. Are you building for a non-native architecture? - Nov 12 2012
You'll need to install: kdelibs5-dev kde-workspace-dev libiw-dev libnl-3-dev libnl-route-3-dev

Maybe also clean out the build dir in case cmake's cache is messing things up?

But that should do it. - Nov 11 2012
It's hard to tell what's going on right now. Mind emailing me your knemorc and a sample ~/.kde/share/apps/knemo/statistics_*.db file? - Nov 06 2012
Possibly. KNemo doesn't store interface statistics by default.

Go in the config dialog and look in the "Statistics" tab for each interface whose statistics you want to store. Is "Activate statistics" checked?

You will also want to make sure that you have the Qt4 sqlite3 backend installed. On Debian / Ubuntu it's the libqt4-sql-sqlite package.
- Nov 04 2012
Do you have libnl-3-dev and libnl-route-3-dev installed?
- Oct 31 2012
I'll look into it, but my concern at the moment is whether or not these suggestions would comply with the KDE HIG.

The Network Monitor desktop widget could get you what you want right now. - Jun 04 2012
Sorry about the delay.

Yes, I'm willing to add these to KNemo. Do you have SVG versions available? - Jun 04 2012
It should do that already. I'll look into it. - Jan 16 2012
Yep. It uses KStatusNotifierItem and setIconByName if you compile with KDE >= 4.4beta1
- Mar 31 2011
Hmm. I took care of that in the module a long while ago.

Try this: Delete the "X-KDE-PluginKeyword" line from kcm_knemo.desktop and run kbuildsycoca4.

Does the warning go away?
- Mar 04 2011
I really don't know then. What happens if you move that knemo.png icon out of you local theme and restart the session? - Dec 06 2010
Sorry about the confusion. I'm looking for where the KNemo's icons and theme files are installed. Example: find /usr -name knemo-monitor*

If they're installed in /usr/local you could try adding this to ~/.profile:

export KDEDIRS=/usr/local:/usr
- Dec 06 2010
KNemo installs all its icons in the hicolor icon theme, which should work no matter which theme you're using. I suspect that they're installed in /usr/local, but KDE is only looking in /usr. Can you confirm that?

About the translation bug, I don't have much control over that. Would you mind filing a bug report here: Product: i18n Component: it - Dec 06 2010
Maybe doing plasma widget allows better control... it should be simpler to write these now days... I really don't know, hate UI programming :)

I'm not very interested in doing a plasma widget, though I might accept a patch if someone sends it along. And if it pops in the tray, it will still have the same problem.

And no, playing with the colors does not help, it colors the icon in any state...

Would you mind emailing a screenshot to me?
- Nov 30 2010
As far as I know, I can't do anything reliable with the icon order. KDE's system tray has complete control over that.

Regarding the netload icon, I agree that can be irritating. What about changing the "disconnected" and "unavailable" colors? Doesn't that do the trick? - Nov 29 2010
Sorry about the delay. You don't need to modify the source. But in addition to the knemo-monochrome-* icons, you'll need to create a desktop file that gets stored in apps/knemo/themes. The important keys:

Name=Name of Theme

Once those are in place, the icon theme will be available in the config dialog.

Feel free to PM me if you have questions. - Oct 09 2010
I'd be happy to add such a theme if someone else makes it, but my icon skills suck. That's partly why the icons haven't changed since Percy created them back in 2004!

Another alternative would be to support the network-* Standard Status Icons in the fdo icon naming spec (table 12).

For KNemo, that's just a matter of uncommenting one line. However, none of the KDE themes have those icons, so KNemo would only get the fancy question marks if it tried that.

Other ideas? - Oct 05 2010
0.7.0 beta1 = 0.6.80
- Aug 30 2010
Sorry about the delay. I got bogged down in some non-KDE related things over the last few months.

I do still plan to contact the knetworkmanager list, but I first want to get 0.7.0 final released. That will take care of a feature request and should significantly improve how knemo handles traffic notifications and custom billing periods. - Aug 27 2010
It checked for an ip address in all cases. That turned out to be a problem.

If you really need the old behavior immediately, you can revert svn commit 1088997 before compiling. - Jun 30 2010
So the interface is up and has the carrier, there's just no ip address assigned to it.

Testing for an ip address has already proved to be too restrictive for ethernet devices. Maybe there should be an exception for pointopoint? Not sure. I'll look into it. - Jun 29 2010
I'll have to go back and look more closely to see what I did, but I do remember that 0.6.2 fixed a problem that always showed a bridge interface as down.

What's the output of 'ip link' for the tun? - Jun 27 2010
I suspect it's because the tray icon is compiled as a KStatusNotifierItem. Try compiling with the cmake option -DLEGACY_TRAY_ICON=true

Does that fix the problem? - Jun 01 2010
I don't see that here. Would you mind sending me a screenshot of the tray?

What distro & KDE version are you using? - Jun 01 2010
Yes, actually. I was going to contact the knetworkmanager devs to see what features (if any) they might be interested in merging, but I got sidetracked with some other projects.

Thanks for reminding me! - Apr 20 2010
This seems to be a pretty frequent issue for those who do local installs, so I'm adding a note to the install directions of the next release.

Add this to the bottom of your ~/.profile

export KDEDIRS=/usr/local:/usr

Then restart your session. Does that work?
- Mar 23 2010
For now, yes. I'll make KStatusNotifierItem the default when the tooltips work better. Or you could file a wishlist on the rpm, asking that it be compiled differently. - Mar 20 2010
I think I see what's happening. By default KNemo compiles the tray icon as a KSystemTrayIcon because the new KStatusNotifierItem does not show tooltips in other desktops like GNOME or Xfce.

Recompile, but this time use "./configure -n" The tray icon will now be a KStatusNotifierItem, and it should resize like kmix and kopete. - Mar 20 2010
I think that the tray icon size is controlled in a KDE global setting.

Are other KDE system tray icons (KMix, Klipper) smaller? Can you post a screenshot of the tray? - Mar 19 2010
If you don't see the Network Monitor module in KDE's system settings, follow the directions about KDEDIRS in the thread just above this one.

As for knemorc, move it anywhere but KDE's config directory :-) If your connection is up, you should see something in the tray when you next start the app.
- Mar 01 2010

Screensavers 116 comments

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Jul 30 2010
Thanks for the info. From what I read, it's designed to blank the screen before a screensaver starts. I don't see a way around it.

The option to use the desktop as a background will probably have to go away. - Apr 10 2013
In ports it looks like it's in x11/kdebase4-workspace.
- Jul 12 2011
That's odd. It looks like a kde3 version of libkscreensaver. - Jul 11 2011
I didn't have any problems building with FreeBSD 8.2, but I only have the precompiled binaries installed.

It looks like you've installed multiple versions of KDE, and it's causing problems for the linker. Is that the case? - Jul 10 2011
The screensaver uses a lot of point sprites. I noticed a while back that it would take up more and more memory if the point sprites were given non-integer sizes, but this only happened with the Intel driver. So I just rounded to the nearest integer.

I think the Intel driver--or maybe it was mesa--has been fixed since then, but I kept that workaround in kcometen4 in case people were still using whichever version was causing the problem. It didn't affect the appearance anyway.

I'm not sure what problem mfillpot was dealing with. I used to see other problems with the Intel driver but they've since been fixed. - Dec 05 2010
No problem. I have a thinkpad, so I was suffering too.

Thanks for the slackbuild. - Aug 31 2010
Interesting. That does start to confirm my suspicion that the problem lies outside the screensaver.

Thanks for pointing out the bug report. I'll keep an eye on it. - Aug 25 2010
That seems like an interesting idea. I'll check if we can do this just by changing some options. - Jul 31 2010
Hi. Kcometen4 is already in kubuntu (in universe)

Just remove whatever kcometen4 stuff you installed under /usr/local. Then 'sudo apt-get install kcometen4'. That should do it.
- Jun 15 2010
Thanks. But to give credit where it's due, I just fixed a few bugs and ported to KDE4. The beautiful stuff comes from the author of KCometen3, but he seems to have disappeared. - May 28 2010
Sounds like it's not indexing kcometen4.desktop

Add this to the bottom of your ~/.profile

export KDEDIRS=/usr/local:/usr

Then restart your session. Does it show up in system settings now?
- Mar 29 2010

Screensavers 91 comments

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Oct 19 2013
You're right. hardcodes the install paths, but those can vary between distributions. For instance, it looks like Mandriva is using /usr/share/apps.

To fix it, I'd use cmake instead. Since that's what KDE standardized on, it'd be the best way to make sure that the screensaver uses the right paths, no matter which distribution you're building on. - Apr 13 2010