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Aug 20 2015
It sounds like there may be a configuration problem. Does everything look right in "System Settings | Network Settings | Network Monitor"? What if you move knemorc and restart the app?
- Mar 01 2010
I tried a fresh karmic install, and the knemo installation looks like what you describe.

Add this to the bottom of ~/.profile

export KDEDIRS=/usr/local:/usr

Now restart your session. Clicking the settings should work. Works for me at least...
- Feb 17 2010
I see what you mean; that would be irritating. And from what I can tell, your setup is similar to mine, so I don't know what could cause that text problem.

I'll probably have to add the option.

Thanks for the extra info.

Regards. - Feb 17 2010
Is KNemo is installed in /usr/local? If so, close knemo then try this in a console:

export KDEDIRS=/usr:/usr/local

Does that fix the problem? If it does, you will need to add KDEDIRS in your environment. - Feb 17 2010
OK. Just to clarify, I'm not totally against the idea, just mostly :-) I'll add the option if I have to, but I first want to fix that clipping issue.

I tried a few of the droid fonts--sans, sans bold, mono--but I'm not seeing any clipping. Could you send me a screenshot? And when you run kinfocenter, what dpi does X-Server show? - Feb 16 2010
For me, adding a font option is a last resort. KNemo is nearly saturated with options; it's like the konqueror of tray icons. Also, I'd really like to keep its appearance consistent with KDE's System Settings. The less it goes its own way, the happier I'll be.

But two things come to mind:

The text icon theme uses the General font face. Maybe the Small font would be a better choice, since that would increase the chance of using a font face appropriate for an 22x11 rect.

Since it's clipping the text, I should look into whether KNemo could handle that better, or if there's just something awkward about that particular font. Where can I get the Druid font? - Feb 15 2010
Thanks, your description answered my question. It looks like it's also a problem in KNemo. I'll have it fixed in the next version.

Thanks for reporting! - Feb 11 2010
Hmm. That does look pretty wrong. If you tell me how you have the interface configured I'll try to duplicate it on my end.
- Feb 11 2010
I'm sorry, this wasn't very clear to me. What specifically is wrong with the status? And what version of KNemo are you using? - Feb 09 2010
Ah, finally a FreeBSD tester... I can confirm this. I'll check the patch and definitely have this fixed in the next release. Thanks!

If you spot any other issues, please let me know. - Feb 09 2010
Thanks! I'm glad you like it.

I also considered adding that when DNetStats was released, but decided against it for a couple of reasons.

First, there's the issue of privileges. Netstat requires elevated privileges to get the pid/names of non-owner processes; I think that's partly why the DNetStats author recommends that you run his app as root. I don't want to put KNemo in the same position. If KNemo needs root for full functionality, it probably shouldn't be doing it in the first place.

Second, I've been getting more and more conscious lately of just how bloated ("featureful?") KNemo is. While some kind of netstat frontend might be useful, it seems beyond KNemo's scope as an interface traffic monitor. Process management should probably happen elsewhere.

Well, I guess there are other reasons, but those were the two biggies at the time. - Jan 31 2010
I messaged you a patch a few days ago. Have you had a chance to try it yet?
- Jan 09 2010

I think I know what might be happening. I'll get to work on it and send you a test patch.
- Jan 05 2010
I see this in the Arch Linux PKGBUILD file:

# remove knemo autostart
rm -rf ${pkgdir}/usr/share/autostart

so I bet that's it. Don't know why they're deleting it.
- Dec 10 2009
I haven't seen that. There should be a knemo.desktop file in the autostart directory. Where do you have knemo installed? And what dist / knemo version are you using? - Dec 09 2009
I should revise and extend my remarks.

I'm not going to do this for the icons. But the text and netload themes will have this as an option. It's already committed to svn, and it'll appear in 0.6.1. - Dec 03 2009
That sounds like a good idea. I'll try to have it ready by 0.6.0 final. - Nov 18 2009
We resolved it. It only affects KNemo <= 0.5.2.

Basically, dyatel15 discovered why I'm ditching the old backends. - Nov 11 2009
Hmm. I haven't seen that. Would you mind emailing me directly with some info on your setup, and attach a copy of your knemorc file?
- Nov 09 2009
Are you talking about that text icon theme? If so, I think that's a good point. I've been finding that disorienting too.

For now I won't add an option for 0.6.0--there's too many already! Instead, KNemo will start at 0.0K and go up from there.

I'll also make the top and bottom fonts the same size per poll interval. It's confusing to suddenly see a big rx rate in a tiny font, while the smaller tx rate has a larger font. - Nov 08 2009
I've been considering that over the last few months. But the more I do, the less I like the idea. Color is already being used to signify other things, and I just don't like the idea of also making it signify traffic rates. I'm not going to implement it.

However, I do plan to add another tray icon theme that uses a pair of bars for rx/tx rate, kind of like the xfce4 netload plugin. That should still get you what you want, but in a way that I'd be much happier with. - Nov 06 2009
Do you have libnl-dev or libnl-devel installed?

If not, it looks like I'll need to make cmake complain about that during config.
- Nov 06 2009
Go in the config module and click the Icon Theme combo box. "Text Icon" should be at the bottom of the list.
- Nov 06 2009
Install libnl-dev or libnl-devel, whichever your distribution calls it.
- Nov 05 2009
It's already in SVN, along with a newer backend and IPv6 support.


The last time I checked there were some problems with this newer style tooltip in non-KDE desktops, so it's not the default. When you run cmake you'll need to do something like this:

cmake -DUSE_KNOTIFICATIONITEM=true ..; make
- Oct 03 2009
The KDE libraries are responsible for finding the config module. This should tell you where they're looking:

dir for kde4-config --path module

dir for kcm_knemo.desktop: kde4-config --path services

dir for knemo/pics: kde4-config --path data

I don't think you need to force an update, though you could try running kbuildsycoca4 or logging out and back in. - Sep 12 2009
I've seen that when KDE is not looking in the directory where the module is installed.

Try moving kcm_knemo.desktop and to the directories where your system installed the corresponding kcm_* files. Or find a way to add /usr/local to KDE's service search path. (I don't remember how to do that though.)

Once that's fixed, settings should be available in System Settings | Network Settings | Network Monitor.

Does that fix the problem? - Sep 11 2009
I think I see the problem. I'll send you a patch in a day or two so you can test it. - Aug 19 2009
I'm not sure how difficult it would be, but I'll look into it. I have to get back to work on KNemo, anyway.

Would you mind sending me a screenshot of the tray text? The kde-apps page doesn't show that. - Aug 05 2009
It looks like you do have it installed in the wrong location. Try ./configure --prefix /usr/kde/4.2 - Jun 28 2009
I'm guessing that you installed knemo in the wrong location. What is the
output of `locate konsoleui.rc`? - Jun 27 2009
I don't see how any of the changes between 0.5.1 and 0.5.2 could cause that to happen.

What happens when you run 'knemo' from an xterm? Did you change the installation directory when you installed 0.5.2?
- Apr 12 2009
That one slipped by me. Thanks. - Apr 03 2009
Do you think to also migrate this to plasma? The system monitor graphs are looking good...

Also, a long standing request... Maybe the color of the icons can be changed to reflect the network traffic? Red/yellow/green/black

First, sorry about the delayed response.

Right now, those are both low priorities for me, compared to some of the other stuff that I need to take care of.

In fact, I'll probably first try the net load bars (also in the TODO) and see how that goes. I don't know when I'll get to it though.

As for the plasma widget, are you just looking for a souped up version of KDE's "System Monitor - Network" graph? - Mar 31 2009
A fix for the encryption status is planned for the next version. Actually, the link nucleas gave for a fedora package already has it. Look for version 0.5.1-2 I think.

The link quality bug is new to me, but I see what's going on there and have already started working on it. Thanks for reporting those!
- Mar 12 2009
Sorry about that. It'll be fixed in the next release.

For now, you can just install wireless-tools-devel and reconfigure. - Mar 10 2009
Ah! I see what you mean now. Each time a dialog appears, it's slightly lower than it was last time.

I'll see what I can do. - Mar 08 2009
Whoops! I see that too.

I'd better fix that... - Mar 08 2009
Since KNemo does its own icon theming, I still feel pretty strongly that it should remain completely separate from any system icon theme. But you've given me a bit to think about, especially regarding icon size. For now, I'll add this to my mental TODO list and see if I can come up with something that can make us both happy.

Incidentally, every KDE systray icon that I have ever seen is 22x22. How are you able to change their size in the tray? - Mar 08 2009
Actually, I think the "pics" dir is the standard place for such icons.

You can override icon themes by dropping your icons in $KDEHOME/share/apps/knemo/pics. I know because it works for me ;-) Sometimes, though, I noticed that the icons installed under $KDEHOME didn't immediately take precedence. This turned out to be an issue related to KDE's icon cache. I just deleted the cache, and the $KDEHOME icons appeared the next time I ran knemo.

Also worth noting: the upcoming 0.5.1 will support additional user-installed custom icon themes. They will magically appear in the config dialog the next time you run it. - Mar 03 2009
I probably caught that about the same time you did. The upcoming 0.5.1 release will work fine with urls. - Mar 03 2009
Thanks for doing the package!

Sorry about the delay. I posted a reply to this and another messages a few days ago, but they seem to have disappeared. Odd. - Mar 03 2009
The traffic plotter crashes if Pixel per time period 0.

Thanks for finding that. I'll fix that soon.

Automatic range detection works not very good.
Range don't changes long time when large graphs disappears

I noticed that too. But if you stretch the plotter window horizontally you should still see the large graphs. You'll also see similar behavior with ksysguard's plotter, but I'll check if maybe there's a way to make this work more intuitively.

Range don't changes from MiB/s to KB/s

Thanks. There are a couple of other traffic plotter bugs that I noticed. I'll add this to the list. - Feb 25 2009
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1198 comments

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Mar 23 2013
I'm using KDE 4.3.2. And you have things set up so yawp links to libplasmaweather only if the KDE > 4.2.9.
- Dec 05 2009
I have that problem compiling on Debian Sid. But yawp compiles and runs just fine if I remove plasmaweather from CMakeLists.txt and ions/CMakeLists.txt.

It looks like useless linkage... - Dec 04 2009

Screensavers 116 comments

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Jul 30 2010
Yeah. I wasn't very optimistic that the change would help, but it was worth a shot. I doubt that this is even an issue in KCometen4 itself. Would you mind PM'ing me with info on various versions that you're using? (specifically compiz, kde, qt) I'll take a closer look when I get a chance. - Oct 16 2009
Someone else had a similar problem back in May, but I haven't been able to reproduce it.

Try this. Edit kglcometen4.cpp:135 so it looks like this:


and recompile. Does anything change?
- Oct 15 2009
It looks like you don't have all the devel packages installed. Try:

apt-get install kdebase-workspace-dev libqt4-opengl-dev

I think binary packages are also available in Ubuntu universe.
- Oct 12 2009
That would be an interesting feature. Thanks for mentioning it.

This might be a bit difficult with the current code, though. The Compiz Fusion screensaver is basically a window manager plugin that uses libxss. I suspect I'd need to do something similar: make a version of KCometen4 that's a KWin effect. Would it play nicely with libkscreensaver? No idea.

I'll look into it further when I get a chance. If you see a nicer way, or if you have patches, I'd be happy to see them. - Aug 18 2009
I haven't seen that before. Using KDE 4.2.4 here. What happens when you use another KDE OpenGL screen saver like Euphoria or KRotation? - Jul 01 2009