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JarosÅ‚aw Staniek Warsaw, Poland
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Mar 10 2018
No fresh appimage, flatpak or snaps yet. Stay tuned! - Mar 29 2018
Or maybe your 0.8 package is named koffice-database?
To find out what version do you have, try:

rpm -qa | grep koffice-database - Apr 26 2006
I cannot be sure what rpm have you got installed. I guess you have not compiled Kexi from the source code?
From the command line try

rpm -qa | grep kexi

and then

rpm -e kexipackagename - Apr 26 2006
Try to run 'kexi' command in the command line and see what are the messages.
Also provide exact name of your rpm file. - Apr 12 2006
Translating Kexi Handbook to english is still in progress, a part of it can be found on the official KDE documentation web site: - Jan 24 2006
There's a translation project for the docs to english. Somebody is doing that, so keep checking Kexi Project web site.

There's no "final mode for users" functionality with editing blocked in Kexi. It's is planned after 1.0.
As a temporary solution I could recommend: to prevent creating and modifying tables by user you can alter permissions for creating and/altering tables using your database administration tool (eg. pg Admin or mysql Administrator). - Sep 08 2005
Fixed before releasing (Tue April 19 23:39:15):

So in newer packages you will have it fixed too. - May 09 2005
Try to get/request well prepared binaries from your distro maker. - May 09 2005
Only if Base will be more stable. For now it's like a mockup of an application. And try to use it, then tell me if you like Java-based database (HSQL DB) used by Base?

It's all not about complete replace an app by another, what is impossible for many MS-technology-hostages. It's all about a choice, more choice, better choice... - Apr 15 2005
This a lot is easier case and will be impelemented first. - Jul 17 2004
1) altering existing table is not yet available (probably will be for beta5), because if you have already data entered in a table, it's not easy to alter the table

2) template icons on startup are now just for demonstration - Jul 15 2004
thank you for your suggestion. This set of features is planned in the future version. - Jul 15 2004
I am also SuSE user...


export KDEDIR=/opt/kde3
export QTDIR=/usr/lib/qt3


(no arguments needed, AFAIK)

I am almost sure your error is not due to lack of plugins. - May 07 2004
No problem, no shame, because I've updated

so you couldn't read this before. Please read it again - it's updated for your problem. - May 05 2004
No problem, no shame, because I've updated

so you couldn't read this before. Please read it again - it's updated for your problem. - May 05 2004
Ups, no... read NOTE3 above. - May 05 2004
Please copy this file:


kexi/core/ directory. - May 05 2004
Please don't post 3 the same questions.
What is your gcc version (gcc --version)? What's your Linux distribution? - May 04 2004
Ultimate WebShots Converter for KDE

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Aug 21 2006
I understand you may be frustrated with the lame behaviour of WebShots service. I am too, but take a look here:

"You may not use Webshots in any manner that interferes with our normal operations or with the use and enjoyment of another user. You may only access Webshots and the Content through the interfaces provided by Webshots."

They locked their users in the way that users grant them right to own the content, for free.

Summing up, IANAL, but lawyer will probably tell you that any conversion is illegal (and displaying requires conversion of course, even if only in random memory). - Aug 22 2006

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Jul 28 2005
I am not against your works BUT: I am voting against how you're using site: please don't put your look-related stuff here but only to Otherwise I will vote to the site adming to ban your submissions. - Jul 28 2005
kbfx (Fedora)

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Jul 30 2005
I mean of, of course: your stuff is a LOOK, not application.
Anyway, put your stuff to only one of both sites at a time. - Jul 28 2005
I am voting against: please don't put your stuff here but only to Otherwise I will vote to the site adming to ban your submissions. - Jul 28 2005
Optimise Compression

Dolphin Service Menus 22 comments

by Yama
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Jan 31 2009
You're making garbage out of kde-look: please only add your application stuff for, not to both. - May 08 2005

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by j6t
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Jan 01 2020
...are so importatnt? When options like LD_BIND_NOW=1 will be persistent? It's crazy we need to enter it every time. And gdb (6.x) crashes for every two sessions. - Mar 13 2005

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May 14 2005
To all SuSE users: All version of this distro have /opt/kde3 prefix for KDE3.

To all users: run:

kde-config --prefix see what your prefix really is :) - Aug 21 2004
One correction: KFD is not a fork of Qt Designer. KFD is an fully original work with no code taken from Qt Designer. Thus, it was possible to release it under Library GNU Public License (not GPL). LGPL is a standard license for KDE components. - Jul 31 2004
I can add here some examples of whynon-developers can be cofused with QtDesigner (as a component for creating simple forms):

- Class names: "Q" prefix is not necessary unless you know you develoiping with Qt Framework

- Redundancy in widgets set: eg. QPushButton and KPushButton: why anybody should care what to choose? KDE user will, undoubtely, pick a KPushButton, as well as savvy KDE developer

- Menu/actions system: KDE has KXMLGUI framework, KActions, Human Interface guidelines. Icons are most often provided by factories instead of embedding in .ui files.

- Adding a code: KJSEmbed and Python are coming into standard KDE toolset. QtDesigner prefers C++ way of doing things (and even QSA is only for extending apps functionality). - Jul 31 2004

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Jan 30 2006
It may be too much work, but have you though about merging your project with KDevelop3? - Apr 08 2004