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Jonathan Sullivan
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Enduro Black

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Oct 29 2007
Sorry about that - I fixed it! - Nov 07 2008
Sorry, just caught your response.

Right click on your terminal's background and select Edit Current Profile.

Then uncheck "Show menubar by default", under effects use the slider to make your background transparent, and under scrolling check "disabled" - you can still use the mousewheel. Save, then right click and deselect show menubar, and you're all set! - Oct 23 2007
Should be right there above the slashdot button :) - Aug 31 2007

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by kiddo
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Jan 08 2016
This pack is simply phenomenal on my Feisty machine, however it doesn't seem to work on Gutsy - anyone else given it a try? The Applications menu is broken.

Simply fantastic otherwise. I'll never use another icon theme. - Sep 04 2007