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Juan Camilo de Argáez Bogota, Colombia
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Mar 16 2008
Would be nice if the focused buttons had orange or blue border or something.

Maybe this could be for all form elements. - Mar 02 2008
My mistake. I took a closer look and yes, the font is blue :)

Currently the new elements in the window list appear with white bold font this is ok, but would be nice if they had gray bakcground, so you can notice there is something new (when someone sends me a message in emesene (for example) i respond him after 5-10 minutes, because i dont notice there is a new element in the window list. Remember you are looking the panels indirectly and you dont notice small changes).

You could try instead of the white bold font, orange or blue bold, over gray or other. - Mar 02 2008
Your theme rocks!

It's fresh, modern and innovative.
The best theme you can find in gnome-look.
My default from now on.

Just 2 things.
- Why green font on the panel menu (applications, places, system) when pressed? better gray, orange or black.
- Would be nice for new elements in the window list to have brighter (gray) background. - Mar 02 2008
OpenOffice 2007

OpenOffice Splash Screens 15 comments

by juaka
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Feb 16 2008
Glad you are interested, but this is just a sketch not a tool or app.

Look what permafrost91 said, we'll have to wait until OO 3 for a new user interface. - Feb 27 2008
That is the cost of change. Learning again the UI.

Good UIs support customization and settings for advanced users. - Feb 16 2008
Extra space in widgets

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by juaka
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Jan 10 2008
If you want your buttons smaller conserving the icons,

- append this setting to your theme
gtk-icon-sizes = "<otherSettings>:gtk-button=16,16"

- in case that line does not appear in the theme, paste it at the top
gtk-icon-sizes = "gtk-button=16,16" - Jan 16 2008
"You better return to the windows"

Make this your autoreply to every person that complain about linux.

Would be helpful if you recommend any theme with nice combobox entry?? - Jan 16 2008
Hey fk,

Im not expert in gtkrc.
I tried GtkComboBox::padding = 0,
GtkComboBox::padding = {0,0,0,0},
GtkComboBox.GtkButton::padding = 0,

But none of this worked :s

Can you give the exact line plz? - Jan 11 2008
Thanks :)

That helped.

Any idea how to modify the width of the cmobo box entry button? - Jan 11 2008
It was on purpose to leave that space in the horizontal separator (to separate the table and the combo).

I squished the button in the combo to look like the Qt combo (watch the plastyk style, imagine it is editable. )

Yeah, the buttons are too big in Gnome, because its like a standard to put stock icons on them (i.e. save button have a disquete, cancel have an x, open have a folder, ok and accept have a tick, ...)

I forgot to compare the buttons when i took the screenshtos.

If you are tired of that big buttons, you can disable the stockicons on the buttons by adding this line in your theme gtkrc.

gtk-button-images = 0

For exmaple if you want to modify Human theme (ubuntu default)

sudo gedit /usr/share/themes/Human/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

paste the line below the comments.

The problem is that firefox dont recognize that option.

Gnome has an app to configure menus and toolbar icons. That app can be extended to configure the stockicons on the buttons, maybe by size and on/off. - Jan 10 2008
visto gnome main menu

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by juaka
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Jan 08 2008
Yeah, you are right.

I'll think something else. This is true copy and not productive content. - Jan 08 2008