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juan fon

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Sep 08 2002
thanks bccomputer for these three great wallpapers...i specially like the middle one, that girl stearing at you is...(censored)...i think the spirit of this site it's the same of Linux: to share to the community and least that's the way i think.

bye and thanks again bccomputer... - Dec 14 2002

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Dec 13 2002
thank you kaha and rumcho for your comments, i'm happy that the hours i spent making the wallpaper (i'm a begginer in this thing...)worth the try...i'll try to make another one...probably with another chick...after all it seems that i'm not the only one that like a beautibul woman in the desktop...

bye... - Dec 14 2002
Sr. if you think you might have trouble with this wallpaper please remove it...i don´t want you or this site to get in trouble...i'll perfectly understand if you think it has to be removed...


p.d.Well friends i don´t think i'm gonna post another wallpaper or maybe the next time the INTERPOL is going to arrest me...i hope that the people who like this wallpaper and downloaded it enjoy it... - Dec 13 2002
this is the first and last update for this wallpaper, i just didn´t like how it was before ...i don't care if it's on the top or the bottom of the list, please don´t make a big deal of a detail...

p.d. I prefer a thousand times Laetitia than Tux, that's why she is on the wallpaper. - Dec 13 2002
she's now slightly to her left and the backround is a little different...relax dude - Dec 13 2002
Is kind of an irony dude... - Dec 13 2002 the way she told me when she was posing for this photo, she was thinking in KDE (and she was thinking in me too...ha ha)

- Dec 11 2002
that's the spirit...i only tried to contribute with a nice wallpaper to look at when you are resting in your chair...i'll try to improve it if i find the time...

p.d. thanks for the comments...the good ones... - Dec 11 2002
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by dflax
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May 31 2002
Almost the best i've seen...
girl blue is the best... - Nov 29 2002