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juan arias Santiago, Chile
Alien 933k (Aurora)

GTK2 Themes by code933k 38 comments

for example this
if you look the letters, they are not black, but if i set that colour, then in nautilus i'll see nothing...
other example is this page,4427,3255_5658,00.html
the background is the same than in naitilus...
i would resolve this problems changing the colours, but then i'd lose your great work mixing the tones...
i use firefox in ubuntu feisty, and is the package installed from the repositories
thanks for your interest - Sep 27 2007
Alien 933k (Aurora)

GTK2 Themes by code933k 38 comments

i resolved my issue by modifyng directly the colors on the preference-themes-colors dialog, but in firefox some pages are displays with the background so dark, with the same colour that my nautilus background, those pages are specially newspapers, so my question is, what can i do to resolve that? i don't want to leave my nautilus background white, it doesn't combine with the colours theme
thanks - Sep 27 2007
Alien 933k (Aurora)

GTK2 Themes by code933k 38 comments

i can't make it work
i had to create the file .gtkrc-2.0
and put the lines
but chamging the aurora's themes don't change the look of the desktop
what am i doing wrong?
i use ubuntu feisty - Sep 27 2007
Firefox Ubuntu Human Grey Theme

Various Gnome Stuff by SCD 7 comments

any update of this theme? - Aug 27 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by sympozium 51 comments

the stock icons are the only bad of this theme
can you improve them?
make them more related to the spirit of human? - Aug 27 2007
Etiquette Icons

Icon Sub-Sets by AndyFitz 49 comments

the only think i dislike are the icons for storage
the rest is very cool
- Jun 11 2007