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Jul 06 2008
0.8.3 is coming in next days (just that this page wasn't updated) - Nov 24 2006
yes, the problem comes from xlib pseudo-multithreading.
We are working on a xcb solution. - Nov 24 2006
Well, its simple: xine-lib is not developed thread-save, therefore it needs a XInitThreads() as first call in the application. Konqueror doesn't call it and may crash with an embedded xine-lib part.

Second (not so simple) problem: With some xfree/ versions QT programs don't start if XInitThreads() was called before a QApplication is created. In this case you should call XInitThreads() before initializing xine-lib instead (that's what the --with-xinit-workaround configure flag does) or the app will freeze. - Aug 15 2005
If you're a talking about the crash after leaving the embedded player: Thats a problem with some x-server versions and can not be fixed.
And for all the other extremely annoying bugs: Please go ahead and fill out a bug report on the bugtracker. - Aug 07 2005
Try to remove the "XInitThreads();" call in main.cpp and recompile. - Nov 06 2004
I'm still hunting this bug. It's very difficult to track them down. Normally it only happens in stopped state - and not with the alsa driver - and very rarely with current xine-lib CVS version - and... Really weird.
xine-lib 1rc7 should be released this week. Try an update. - Nov 05 2004
Update your xine-lib version. Kaffeine needs at least 1.0rc4 to compile. - Oct 03 2004
Kaffeine 0.4.3b requires at least xine-lib 1.0rc4 to compile. - May 14 2004
Well, in this special case the mime type is not detected correctly. Download the M3U file und open it from HD will work. - May 03 2004