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thomas egal , Germany
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Jan 12 2010
@ Kai

Jupp, mach ich.

@ Sparky

:-) Thanks.

@ Toma

Hey, yes Cerium is very nice but but i really like minimalistic Themes ( edje-Black ) without Icons, Flat, clear and simple.

Please make more in Fluxbox/Blackbox Style. :-)

Greets from Germany. - Nov 26 2008

Ja, ich muss gestehen das ich E7 verwende und nebenbei eine V-Box laufen habe.
Deshalb ist es schwierig die Sachen immer mit Gnome abzugleichen und deshalb dauert es manchmal so lange.

Ich bin bei aber arbeiten muss ich ja auch noch nebenbei. :-) - Nov 20 2008
Professional Hardy - Preview

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Sep 29 2008

New Link for conkyrc - Sep 30 2008
@ pencilcheck

my .conkyrc

@ nocturn


First release on the next Week.

- Sep 29 2008
Sorry, my english is bad.

"-are you using nautilus? How did you get the left pane to look like this?"

Yes, in the first screenshot is Nautilus.
In running Mandriva and i have no Idea why the left Panel look like this.
It's by default.

"-are these tabs at the bottom or rolled up windows or maybe a transparent panel?

-are the date and battery icons on the top right and bottom left screenlets? if not, what are they?"

Windowmanager is E17. Screenlets/Modules by E17

In the second Screenshot is Pcmanfm with Tabs.

I hope you understand me. - Sep 27 2008

Docang - Sep 26 2008
Discovery - Sep 26 2008
Aurora E17-Detour

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May 20 2008

In gtkrc on Line 508, you can set the Menubg Pixmap, but this will change also the Window-menu Background.

I have no Idea to set differend Backgrounds between Gnomemenu-bg and Windowmenu-bg.

Sorry for my english.
I hope really you understand me. :-) - May 20 2008

I have upload a new Version.
Fixed Systray-Background.

It's now better ? - May 20 2008
Arrggg. :-)

Ok, i have fixed.

Thanks. - May 19 2008

I have fixed. - May 19 2008


Wallpaper bv Bartelme

Font: 04b08



- May 18 2008
Ok, now i make a Metacity-Theme.
It's not 100% perfekt. - May 17 2008
Sorry, no metacity. It's E17.

I dont no how i make a metacity Theme.

Icons: Crashbit

Sorry for my bad englisch.
I Hope you understand me. :-) - May 17 2008
Sorry, no metacity. It's E17.

I dont no how i make a metacity Theme.

Icons: Crashbit

Sorry for my bad englisch.
I Hope you understand me. :-) - May 17 2008

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Jan 20 2008
It is a little bug.

The tarball is correkt. It is Version 0.9-9. - Jan 23 2008
the name is "gTangish2.0" however I cannot it any longer find.

IMHO it is now "Crashbit" - Jan 10 2008
Thanks for the comment.

For a smaller Tollbar go to the Theme->gtk-2.0->toolbar-custom.rc and change this "ythickness= 19" to "ythickness = 5"

Thats it. - Jan 10 2008
what do you mean with normal Background?

If you did not like a relief, you must in "toolbar custom.rc" uncomment the LINE "GtkToolbar::button relief = GTK_RELIEF_NORMAL"

Translated with Babel Fish.

Sorry for my bad English - Jan 01 2008
Download the Theme and unpack this to /home/.themes

That's it.

I hope you understand me.
( sorry for my bad bad engl. ) - Dec 26 2007
@ nitroracer and tomauty

Thank you.

Merry Christmas. - Dec 22 2007

WidgetFactory 0.2.1-1 Mandriva - Dec 21 2007
Thanks. Yes, the Toolbar-Buttons is from the nice kore Theme.

Sorry for my bad English. - Dec 19 2007

This is my first Theme.

I use E17 and do not know I not like it into gnomes look "Translated with Babel-Fish" :-) - Dec 19 2007
Viva (codename Espoo550 alpha)

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Jan 20 2008
Looks great. Nice work. - Jan 20 2008
bunjee & VUmeter

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Dec 22 2007
:-) Thanks - Dec 22 2007
Fantastic work. - Dec 22 2007